Google Set to Shake Up the Smartphone Market

Google Set to Shake Up the Smartphone Market

There has been an exciting development on the smartphone scene this week, with the announcement that a Google-branded handset could be hitting the shelves before the year is out. Despite the fact that the smartphone market already appears to be reaching saturation point, the rumours have been causing waves and some of those in the know hope the internet giant will lay down the gauntlet to the already dominant Apple iPhone.

While Google already has some foothold in the smartphone market thanks to its Nexus range of phones, these are all designed and built by third parties such as the Chinese firm Huawei. By developing their own in-house smartphone, Google will be able to take full control over the look and feel of their new product, as well as deciding on the software it will run on.

Google already has quite a tight grip on the Android market, which is used to operate four in every five handsets. With the release of a Google-branded phone by the end of the year, the company could quickly establish itself as a major player in the smartphone world and would set itself up in direct competition with Apple’s iOS iPhone. With both major labels smashing the competition out of the field, this really would become a two horse race between two of the biggest brand names in history.

Whatever your views on Google, the rumours are certainly music to the ears of tech-devotees, as any competition to Apple’s dominance can only raise the bar for smartphone manufacturers everywhere. Until we see the product and know exactly what it can do, many people might be well advised to hold off on upgrading for a little while longer.

Upgrading always feels like such a treat when you’ve finally made your decision. Nothing beats that clean slate feeling, the feeling of a completely fresh start once you’ve spent an exciting few hours getting to grips with just how much better your new handset is compared to the old one. As part of the complete makeover when you get a new handset, getting a perfect new case to do it justice can be a big part of the thrill.

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