Choose the Right Managed WordPress Hosting

Choose the Right Managed WordPress HostingThere are many considerations when to take into account when selecting a webhost. Uptime, for sale customer support, ailment geographic location, and hardware redundancy all should play a factor in your decision.

When selecting a new managed wordpress hosting provider the first thing I usually do is speak to sales or support either by chat or ticket. I ask a few basic questions and see how long it takes for them to reply. This is a good indicator on whether or not support (which you will require at some point) is suitable. There is nothing worse than having an issue or downtime and poor support. You want to avoid this at all costs.

Server and infrastructure uptime is also critical in a hosting provider. There are many small hosts in the industry with outdated or inferior hardware that can spell disaster should it fail. Vet the provider and perform your due diligence in this regard. Ask a few questions and do some poking around online to find out which datacenter they are located in and what hardware they use. Make sure they use a blend of carriers and are not single homed as far as transit goes. Not paying the bill one month or an outage with one carrier means extended downtime, something you cannot afford.

Once your account has been setup I recommend using an uptime monitor for your server or website. This will notify you of any downtime and allow you to maintain optimal access to your website. Your business and livelihood all depend on access to your web presence. Even SEO if affected by slow load times these days. Downtime means lost money and affects overall web health.

Geographic location can be important to some when selecting hosting. If you are located in Latin America and serving images or are hosting gameservers you want to go with a provider closer to you geographically. A webhost in Miami would make more sense than a datacenter in France. There are ways around this these days, such as CDN services, but generally I suggest you select a location closer to you and your clients.

Choose your host wisely, it is an important decision which can affect your business and either help you succeed or fail with your online endeavors.

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