The Benefits of Installing a Dish Satellite TV System in Your Home

Cable television has become extremely expensive nowadays. People generally think of television as a luxury, clinic and often unsubscribe from their cable network providers to save money. Cable TV, prescription however is not the only way to watch your favourite channels and stay up to date with the latest news. In fact, satellite TV systems are making a huge comeback. A satellite dish basically includes an antenna that is used to receive audio and video signals. The antenna then unscrambles the signal, and processes it into an image that you see on your television screen.

The most common dish TV system consists of a standard dish that has a concave shape, with a small antenna extending from its centre. A controller is installed on the side, which sends a signal through the pole, beaming the signal onto the concave surface of the dish, thus reflecting the beams to a small audience. Satellite dishes offer plenty of advantages compared to cable subscriptions. The benefits of installing a dish satellite TV system far outweigh that of cable television subscription packages. You can get a return on your investment within a year or two only!

Free Channels

Many of the channels that your dish may catch are completely free of charge. After paying a small amount for the installation of the dish, all you have to do is search for different free channels and tune them to your television screen. If you are paying a hefty subscription fee to your cable provider on a monthly basis, and only watch a couple of shows, you should seriously consider cancelling the subscription and saving the money. You can find a list of different free channels in your area online.

Connect to All TVs

Most cable providers give one connection per house. If you are using more than one television in the house, you will have to apply for another package. This means paying double for the same channels on two different screens. However, if you have a dish satellite installed in your house, you don’t have to worry about all this. The digital tuner that comes with the satellite dish comes with a divider and signal amplifier. This way, you can get a picture on all TV screens throughout the house without having to worry about a dip in picture quality.

High Definition Programming

Most people are still under the impression that dish satellites are lagging far behind cable television providers. That is not the case at all. In fact, many dish TV network providers now offer HD channels as well. You don’t have to worry about rain and other atmospheric elements ruining the picture quality either. Most dishes are extremely resilient and resistant to water so the picture quality isn’t affected. Just make sure that you install the dish at the highest point in the house and place it at a specific angle so as to get the best picture quality.

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