Laser Wire To Revolutionize Trade Show Displays

Laser Wire To Revolutionize Trade Show Displays

The goal of a good trade show display is to accentuate a company’s brand, cheap and have customers stop and interact with their surroundings. One of the best ways to do this is with light. People are innately drawn to light, seek which is one of the reasons neon signs are so popular. But Neon is hard to work with, seek uses harmful gases and expensive to power. Today the future of neon comes in the form of a wire, called Laser Wire.

Laser Wire is a thin, optical glass that essentially uses a light source to shine down a nanotube. When enough light is condensed on the wire, it emits wonderfully, and evenly. The core of the wire is 170um or approximately 0.17mm in diameter, and is extremely flexible and can be integrated into many objects, including glass, plastics, wood, metal and more. The full diameter including the protective jacketing is still less than 1mm in diameter.

OpalDrive is the world’s first and only all-in-one laser module that allows trade show displays to surround their product, booth, and accents with Laser Wire, enabling beautiful light wherever it is needed. Available in 4 colors; Red, Green, Blue and White, the available colors that it can produce are vast. The OpalDrive module comes with multiple modes; Constant On, Blink and Fade, and also has Battery and Install Mode. Battery Mode allows the Laser Wire System to be run without any external controls, anywhere from 8-48 hours between recharging, depending on color and mode. Install Mode allows for external power to be sent to the device, allowing for permanent installations. Using OpalDrive in Dual Mode operation allows multiple effects to be sent across the wire. Now, endless chasing effects and gradients like no one has ever seen before can be achieved with no programming, or sophisticated specialty machinery. Routing into nearly any object less than 1mm allows the product to be embedded into any display or area that is trying to draw attention.

The power consumption of Laser Wire is less than 300mAh per 16ft kit, so coupled with the long life of the module, it makes OpalDrive Laser Wire System the most cost effective lighted wire on the planet. For more information on OpalDrive or the Laser Wire System, visit:

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