Hot Trends in 2016 Search Engine Optimization

In order to stop manipulation of its search engine results and to give to users more intuitive and accurate results, prescription Google keeps on updating its complex search algorithms. As a result, cialis the search engine dynamics are always in a state of constant flux. It is this volatility that makes it necessary for SEO practitioners to stay continually alert and keep themselves abreast of the latest developments and updates. Like previous years, vcialis 40mg 2016 is also expected to witness many changes in the way businesses operate and market, the way the web is surfed, and in the way, marketers tackle SEO to stay ahead in the game.

With an estimated 12 million searches being conducted every month in the USA alone, it is expected that SEO will emerge more important than ever before for helping businesses attract good quality traffic, get noticed, boost the brand image, and give credibility to the business for succeeding. As all would agree, there is little point is taking the trouble to develop quality websites, if there’s nobody to see and visit it consequent to performing a web search. Some of the top SEO trends that are expected to be in vogue in 2016:

More Prominence for Social Media Content

More than before, SERPs will take into account content that is posted on the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. According to Utah SEO services experts, already more than three-fourths of marketers are using social media to give a boost to their SEO efforts. It is expected that this trend will continue to gain momentum in 2016 with marketers trying their best to attain higher ranks for their tweets or Facebook posts in SERPs.

With search engines indexing more and more social media content, the lines between conventional web content and social media content will get more blurred in terms of strategies adopted for SEO. Even now for searches conducted on brand names, social media profiles are invariably on the top of the results page.

Videos Will Continue To Dominate

Not only are videos ideal for entertaining and engaging audiences but also they are great for boosting page rankings. According to a recent study, it is revealed that a mammoth 62% of all searches on Google are for video content. Since Google has also commenced recognizing the importance of blended searches, it can be a very good ploy by the SEO practitioner of an online marketing company to include an engaging video to get a boost in the page rankings. A study opines that videos perform an astonishing 50 times better in Google’s organic page ranks as compared to conventional text. A study reports a 41% higher rate of click-through for video searches compared to text. It is obvious that more and more marketers will embrace video content in this year too to climb up the page ranks.

Optimization for Mobiles Will Be Essential

Because audiences are no longer surfing the web on desktops and laptops but have taken to a diverse array of portable and hand-held devices like smartphones, tablets, etc., your website too must keep pace and become mobile-friendly. With more and more brands awakening to this paradigm shift, optimization for mobile devices will become the norm and accordingly require changes in the SEO strategy. Google is already making it easier for mobile web searchers to locate sites that are mobile-optimized. It now factors in mobile-friendliness of sites to decide their ranks in search results. SEO practitioners need to ensure that they are adequately prepared to optimize their sites for mobiles in 2016.

Mobile App Fixation Will Keep Growing

Virtually all studies of online mobile behavior agree that users will be spending an increasing amount of time on the mobile devices to search on the web. It is also reported that users are spending almost all their time on mobile apps to get relevant information and to transact rather than websites. It is thus imperative for marketers to design apps to continue with their strategy for user engagement. The brand should invariably be featured prominently in the name of the app and it should be ensured that proper links to the apps are provided for improved search rankings. App optimization should be a prime occupation for SEO in 2016.

Author bio: Chris Garcia is a senior sales consultant at a leading Utah SEO services company. In his leisure time, he loves to climb mountains as well as write extensively on SEO practices.

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