Up-skilling for API test automation

health serif;”>Sometimes described as the glue that joins applications together, APIs are becoming increasingly important as data becomes a shared commodity not just between applications but also with the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices.

Up-skilling for API test automation

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The rise of the API

From their origins in allowing software to exchange data, usually within packages such as office suites or ERP systems, APIs have become a major component in many current IT solutions. They allow data or business logic to be shared with other apps or devices. This makes them an essential component of IoT projects, which can’t work effectively without them.

As a developer, if your project relies on APIs to work effectively, it’s important to understand the interactions they permit and ensure that these are carried out correctly and securely. This means using software testing services. Thanks to shortened release cycles and frequent changes, the pace of testing is such that automation is essential.

Testing APIs

If you are creating your own API, you should test thoroughly to ensure it performs correctly. However, you also need to test even if you’re relying on third-party APIs. You can’t assume that they will work perfectly or that they won’t expose your data to unnecessary risk.

In order for software testing services to do their job effectively, they need to be thorough and that’s likely to be time consuming. Automation can help here as it’s not only faster, ut it also won’t get bored and make mistakes. In fact, automation is sometimes the only way of testing the logic of an API effectively because there is no direct user interface.

APIs have a major impact on everyday life, so effective and reliable testing is the key to their success. Automation has a big advantage because it can focus on the code of the API itself, unhindered by considerations surrounding the interface or security validation.

Once they’re signed off, APIs generally don’t change very much. When they do change, however, it can lead to major issues for applications and devices that rely on them for information. Therefore, it is important that any changes that do take place are thoroughly tested to ensure they don’t generate problems. Only by embracing automated techniques can developers ensure that this is done effectively without impacting release times.

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