Logitech 502 Gaming Mouse Review

purchase serif;”>Logitech 502 Gaming MouseTransferring from a Razer gaming mouse to Logitech gaming mouse and there is a huge difference. When you purchase the Logitech 502 gaming mouse you may not expect the gaming mouse to be as unique and powerful as it is. The power life for this gaming mouse is approximately 24-30 hours. The Logitech 502 FPS gaming mouse has about the same grip style as the RAZER gaming mouse.

I was really disturbed because this gaming mouse is not made for left handed people. So it becomes frustrating at times to move my mouse in the right direction. The customization of the gaming mouse, helps me over see the left handed issue because this gaming mouaw does allow you to customize all the buttons except the spin wheel. You can flip the buttons to make it comfortable enough for a left-handed person.

Logitech set the settings for right move clicks to be up to 5 DPI which is excellent and can allow you to go from pixel-precise targeting 200 DPI to lightning fast maneuvers. Logitech 5202 gaming mouse are designed to ensure accuracy with every click and work better on specific surfaces. From experience the gaming mouse pad is still needed as much as when you are using an regular computer mouse. It is as sturdy as expected and but not go into sleep mode when you are not using it.

Logitech customized this gaming mouse with RGB lighting and blue led lighting. Unfortunately, the price you are paying is for customization and the lighting. If we couldn’t take this gaming mouse, wasn’t very sturdy, and couldn’t change the customize the buttons, You may not like this mouse.

Most gaming mice are designed to the minimum for gamers but this gaming mouse does more than you need. Logitech understands the importance of having the correct gaming mouse as a gamer. To give up an RAZER was well worth the money. No more double clicks or dead mouse in the middle of my game.

Overall, Logitech did great when they designed this mouse. Shimmy down the price and it’s well worth purchasing. This gaming mouse can make you work assignments go a lot smoother than for the day. No worries on clicking a lot of the wrong places on the screen. Lastly, the feeling of it when it’s in your hands is very relaxing. You don’t have to push so hard or numerous of times to get a result. Why not the Logitech 5202? It’s Great!

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