Interactive Whiteboards – A Key To Exceptional Teaching

Interactive Whiteboards - A Key To Exceptional Teaching

cialis serif;”>No matter what you do in life – be it cooking, fixing your car or an electrical device, studying something, riding a horse, or even swimming – your education plays a major role in you doing it well enough. Teaching is much more than just providing education within the narrow confines of a school or college room. At the same time, it is also a rather common term with the universal purpose of sharing knowledge with ones who have been entrusted to you. The basic assumption in this case is that the person being taught does not have the necessary skills. Let’s just say that your father or elder brother could be your teacher as well because he taught you how to drive a vehicle.

Role of parents in education

Parents play a rather important part in our lives by teaching us a lot of basic things from the very inception of our lives. They teach us the ways to speak, eat, walk, etc. This is how teaching or education becomes a part of one’s life right from birth itself. It may be a clichéd saying but it is also true that one never stops learning in life.

The role being played by interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are the gift of technology to education in the twenty-first century, an age when electronics make the world go round. In layman’s terms this is a whiteboard where pictures are displayed by using projectors with the aim of teaching students in a classroom. At a basic level these can be described as dry erase whiteboards that use LCD projectors and they are normally mounted on floor stands or walls. A lot of people these days prefer to learn the visual way and this is where these digital devices can play such an important role. They are capable of significantly elevating the quality of teaching in classrooms and thus make sure that students receive the best possible education that they can in their circumstance.

The benefit of teaching on interactive whiteboards

Since the interactive whiteboards use both audio and visual tools in teaching they make the whole process of learning much more interesting for the students. The students appreciate what is being taught to them since it is being done in an attractive way and this makes them learn better. They are much more passionate about the entire process and much more enthusiastic about attending their classes, which is something that every teacher worth his salt wishes, but which, unfortunately, not many people have because of some reasons or the other.

How these devices have evolved?

The first ever digital whiteboard was used in 1991. However, ever since their introduction these devices have become integral parts of the educational firmament in the United States of America, especially at the K-12 level, an age when students are starting to understand what is being taught to them, and yet are such impressionable and precocious. Nowadays the emphasis of the educational process around the world is to make sure that students are at par with the skills that they need to thrive in the twenty-first century and the aforementioned digital tools can help students attain such standards.

The role of teachers

The teachers also have an important role to play in this particular context. They need to be well conversant with the technology in order to be able to teach the students properly themselves. Otherwise, the very purpose of using interactive whiteboards can be seriously lost. Of late, a number of teachers have also come up with research papers that show how useful these whiteboards are and this has led to an increasing number of educational institutions using them.

How do the whiteboards function?

The whiteboards are made of software that can be used by anyone without any problems whatsoever. They normally act as huge computer screens that can be used for the entire class at the same time. The projectors are used to screen content from the teacher’s/school’s/college’s/university’s computer into the whiteboard. Only a hand or pointer is enough to operate the same. One need not use a keyboard or mouse. The end result is much more than a projected image and thus excellent for the students in attendance.

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