Earn real cash with Kroger fuel points

Earn real cash with Kroger fuel points

Buying fuel is one of the most bought commodities worldwide. Buying fuel is one thing and getting points while buying fuel is another thing. Kroger gas is one such place that offers its customers the chances of earning points for every gallon of gas by just scanning the loyalty card at any Kroger gas station. Furthermore, these points can be redeemed at the Shell gas station in the instances that the Kroger gas station is not in the vicinity.

Kroger fuel points allow the customers to receive savings that are up to $1 per every gallon of fuel for any purchases made at the Kroger gas station and up to $0.10 per every gallon when the card is scanned at the Shell gas station. These points can be redeemed at 10¢ per gallon saving for every 100 points accrued. 1000 points can be redeemed at $1 off per gallon at the Kroger gas station.

So how can one get Kroger fuel points?

  • Three ways can be used to acquire Kroger fuel points.
  • One way is spending on the groceries whereby one point is awarded for every $1 spend on buying groceries.
  • 50 points can be given for Non- federally funded prescription where by one prescription equates to 50 points.
  • Kroger fuel points can also be acquired through the Double gift card where $50 earns the buyer some cool 100 points that can be redeemed at any Kroger or Shell gas stations.

How to track points Kroger fuel points earned.

The Kroger established this feature so that the customers can be sure of the amounts of the points that they accumulate during their shopping experience. This feature can also be used to show your location’s history as it revealed the points that have been redeemed, the points earned and the time of expiry.


  • First of all, you will require a computer that is connected to the internet.
  • You must have a Plus Card or the Alternative ID that are used while at the pump.
  • You need to have an online account with Kroger or create one.


  • Turn on the computer system them and open the web browser on the computer then use the URL where it will take you to a page that will require you to enter the email address that was used while signing up on the account.
  • Enter the email address and password as appropriate then sign into the account.
  • While in the account navigate through the menu and check your fuel points that have been accumulated, points redeemed so far and how such points were earned that is available under the history tab. While on the “my account” window you can also track all the points history of the previous month or track the points using the Kroger mobile app.

Without a doubt, Kroger is one stop shop that you cannot afford to miss. Visit any of the Kroger stores and get a chance to earn points that can also help you in paying for fuel.

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