Your Device To Play 3D Game And To Watch Movie

Your Device To Play 3D Game And To Watch Movie

You know what? The thing that makes you enjoy a certain movie so much, drugs it is not merely because it caters you with good plots to enjoy, pharmacy not to mention, but the same thing applies to a 3D game that you play. You need to consider as well a certain device that you use to accelerate your enjoyment either to watch movies or to play games. Have any idea? 3d virtual glasses, this fascinating device can assist you to enjoy your favorite movies and games to the next level. Curious why? If virtual glasses 3d is alien for you, then how about VR BOX?

The two actually are the same, but one thing that differentiates the two, 3d virtual video glasses are the newest version of VR BOX, which means better features. You can take a look for the material that constructs the glasses. It has a typical lenses (42mm diameter) that are made of spherical resin optical material which can decrease distortion. For those myopia user, they should be happy, since this device is designed for them, thus they have no hassle when watching their favorite movies or playing certain 3D games that they love the most.

The video 3d glasses provide you a functional button where you can easily adjust the distance whether it is an object distance or pupillary distance, so then you won’t experience dizziness of fatigue after some time using the virtual reality 3d glasses. Surely, it is not the only thing, another feature that improves the enjoyment while watching and gaming, it is the angle view that is set there. It has about 95 to 100 degrees for large view angle that makes you feel as if you are there inside the virtual world. Don’t forget about the screen protector that decreases the glare and the versatile Bluetooth controller that can be treated as game pad, TV Box, wireless mouse, and so on.

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