Want More Instagram Followers? Try These Five Simple Tips

There’s simply no ignoring Instagram – in the few years of its existence it has already acquired an active base of more than 100 million users per month. An astounding 41 million photos are posted and shared by its users on a daily basis with 8, order 000 likes, order and 1, advice 100 comments posted each second. However, since Instagram accounts are only as good as the number of followers, every individual, not-for-profit organization or a business needs to quickly acquire a large number of followers so that the message can be spread far and wide. Some simple tips for increasing the number of your followers:

Share Photos That Your Followers Can Relate To

If one does any analysis of the photo content of the most popular Instagram accounts, it will be every easily observable that the ones shared are never stock photographs that are available with everybody. The accounts with the most followers will invariably be sharing highly personal photos that their followers can very easily relate to. One should make certain that instead of sharing photos that are devoid of the human sentiment that make them very difficult to like or empathize with, it is far better to share photos that are unique and possess audience-connect in abundance. When a photograph has an emotion, it is more likely that your audience will like it.

Connect Your Instagram Account to Facebook

The recent buyout of Instagram by Facebook for a billion dollars created quite a big splash in the social media environment. This was not only because of the valuation of the platform but also because of the immense amount of possibilities that now open up for cross integration of social media platforms. You can now integrate all the photographs that you shared on Instagram with your Facebook account and allow your activity on Instagram to get automatically posted on Facebook. Not only can you now connect better with your Facebook friends but far more likely to get more followers on Instagram as you can auto-follow all your Facebook friends with just a few clicks.

Insert Hashtags That Are Relevant

Instagram, just like Twitter, organizes photographs using hashtags. While some hashtags will always be more popular than others, it is extremely important that you use hashtags that are relevant. Not only is the search engine of Instagram far more powerful than that of Twitter, but most users take recourse to hashtags to search for photographs that are interesting and relevant to a particular subject of interest. Because photographs shared on Instagram tell a lot more than simple text on Twitter, many users are extremely fond of searching with hashtags for a perspective on a particular subject. However, it is vital that you resist the urge to use lots of hashtags as anything more than three is interpreted by users as being spam. It is but natural that the more people who view and relate with your photos, the larger the number of your followers. You can also refer to instamacro.com to find out more on the most popular hashtags.

Use Filters to Personalize Your Photographs

One of the main reasons why Instagram became popular at such an accelerated pace is because users of the platform can completely personalize their photographs with the use of filters. The photos now can become more beautiful and memorable encouraging people to interact more with them and to become your follower in due course.

Get the Timing Right

Content on social media platforms have a very short life. Anything more than a few hours is good enough to ensure that it will never be viewed by your target audience. This makes it extremely important for you to share your photos on Instagram at the time when there are most users on the platform and your followers are most likely to get the opportunity to see it. So if you are sharing your photographs in the dead of the night, it is very unlikely that they will get a lot of eyeballs and follower engagement. According to research, users on Instagram are most active in the morning and after wrapping up office. If you keep track of these times, you are likely to attract more followers to your account.

Author bio: Kevin Sullivan is a social media analyst who consults for a number of small businesses on making the best use of social media. He recommends instamacro.com for generation of likes and gaining followers.

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