How To Use Control + Alt + Delete On Mac OS X

In a Mac OS X computer, order when programs become unresponsive, you have to use Force Quit feature to shut them down. In this article, I will tell you the way how to use built-in features in Mac OS X to close those unresponsive programs.

If you have used Windows OS before, you will know the Ctrl + Alt + Del function, which will allow you to open Task Manager to end any unresponsive program. Although Mac OS X is very stable in operate, but sometime, Mac users still face unresponsive applications and have to manually quit those apps.

In Mac OS X, you can’t just launch the Task Manager by pressing a shortcut like in Windows operating system. If you want to launch that function, you need to do some more steps. To open Task Manager for Mac, press Command + Space, enter “Activity Monitor” and then press “Enter / Return” on your keyboard.

How To Use Control + Alt + Delete On Mac OS X

In “Activity Monitor” window, select the program you want to force quit, and then click on “Force Quit” icon (X), to force the program to stop. You can also to force an application in Mac OS X to stop by using the Force Quit Applications function. To open this function in Mac, press Command + Option + Shift + Esc keys, and then select the application to close.

If you want to use Terminal to close a program, it’s also work. Just open Terminal from Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Type “killall [program name]”. For example, if you want to stop Firefox, simply type: killall Firefox and then press Enter to process the command. It will automatically kill the Firefox application.

If your computer freezes and you are not able to make any action on it, we suggest you press and hold the “Power” button until you see the shutdown window. In this step, select “Restart” to reboot your Mac computer.

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