Will SEO still work in 2016?

Will SEO still work in 2016

SEO or search engine optimisation is not about fooling Google or Bing, seek it is about getting relevant traffic to your website. Organic traffic is very high quality but you have to earn it but providing high quality content. You should not write your website for search engines, sale you should write it for your users. Yes you should have correct page structures that make it easy for both users and search engines to find the content they require. To get good rankings in major search engines you first need to get the basics right. These include well written titles that include your keywords and also make the listing compelling for users to click on. Google does monitor the click through rates of pages to ensure they are relevant to users. To aid this Meta description should also give users a reason to click on your listing. Once the user does click on your website they should find the information they are looking for in an easy to digest format. It is very important that your website is device friendly and displays correctly on all formats including desktops, tablets, smart tv’s and mobile devices.

Once you have your onsite optimisation done, you need to look at distributing high quality content to relevant websites, who may link back to your website if your content is of a very high quality.

There are still many seo companies out there, but you should ensure you get one that focuses on quality rather than quantity. SEO is not a short term project but should grow organically as your site grows in stature. If you want instant relevant traffic, you still can’t beat a well structured paid search campaign. If you have a well formed offer you will make sales. PPC is also great for testing keywords before you optimise for them. You will often find the keywords you thought would make sales, are not the best ones that convert to sales. If you have tested with paid search you are then sure which keywords convert to sales or enquiries.

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