What They Don’t Tell You about Being a Successful Entrepreneur

One of the worst plagues that affect the society today is the craving for instant gratification; patience is no longer a popular virtue as many people want things now and fast. This plague has been propelled by the fact that you can use your smart phone to get pizza delivered in thirty minutes or less or even rent movies on demand. Today, online most businesses experience a lot of negative attention when customers have to wait in line for more than a couple of minutes to get service.

Today, sick entrepreneurs are considered modern-day rock starts. Entrepreneurship has become much cooler and lucrative than it was a couple of years ago. Many young people today find it extremely appealing yet they do not know the first thing about it. A few creative minded individuals have taken advantage of this trend, try and we cannot blame them, they are just being entrepreneurs, to come up with products and courses that encourage the get-rich quick mindset such as:

  • Earn Six-Six Figures in Six Weeks
  • Making Money 24/7 Even While You Sleep
  • Be Your Own Boss and Make Millions As Soon As Tomorrow

Many people are buying into these lies and within no time, find out that there is more to entrepreneurship than meets the eye.

There is nothing easy or quick about entrepreneurship

There is no special formula that makes cash magically appear in your bank account and there are no short cuts to success. There may be some short-lived achievements, but who wants short-term success. When it comes to entrepreneurship, you have to work extremely hard to make it; anyone telling you anything different is probably working on their own get- quick-rich scheme, by selling you something unrealistic.

The reason why there are so many deceptive products, books and courses that lure and disappoint the ready minds of beginners in the world of entrepreneurship, reverts back to the need for instant gratification. Nobody wants to hear that they have to work several years for little or no pay, get only three hours of sleep a night or quit their 9-6 job and work twice as hard to achieve financial success.

These topics will not sell because they do not sound exciting, fast or easy. Entrepreneurship would not be as appealing as it is, if entrepreneurs constantly shared stories about their failures and crushed dreams. Instead, people want to hear about business start ups with million-dollar pre-revenue evaluations and unicorns riding tricycles. Success is a rare thing in entrepreneurship but once you get your hand on it, it is difficult to lose it. All you have to do is put a lot of  work and dedication towards achieving your goals.

Failure is possible

To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be brave. There is no guarantee for success and sometimes, you have to put it all on the line and hope for the best. You cannot go through life without taking risks. Without taking risks, there are no rewards. As an entrepreneur, you should start embracing failure. You should take failure as a learning experience that will help you make better judgments in the future. It will always a possibility and you should not let it knock you down or deter you from achieving your goals.

It takes tons of hard work

Many of the programs and courses being sold about entrepreneurship today, promise minimal work and this is a huge lie. Of course, we cannot dismiss the rare exceptions of people who hit the lottery and build their success from a vantage point. However, if you ask most successful entrepreneurs how they worked their way to the top, you will be surprised at how much hard work they had to put in including, leaving the house when it was dark and getting back home after dark.

The willingness to work is an essential part of entrepreneurship. Everyone has time but not everyone is willing to spend it on hard work or dedicate it to building their business. If you want to make good money, buy expensive things and get more time to relax later on in life, there is no option but to start working hard now.

Constant learning is part of it too

With the fast morphing nature of technology and constantly changing time, entrepreneurs are never done learning. Technology is constantly changing, industry operations are advancing and there are many more innovations that people come up with everyday. A successful entrepreneur should be constantly looking for information and insight relevant to your business, in order to grow with the world. With whatever little time you have, you should always find the chance to read a new book, interact with your mentors, attend a seminar or two and learn new things about your industry that could help you improve your entrepreneurial ideas.


Prof Jane Cromwell is financial analyst and a career counselor with years of experience. To know more about debt relief, visit out site.

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