Some useful Clash of clans tips

 Some useful Clash of clans tips

This game is increasing in popularity

Millions of people have joined the Clash of Clans community since the introduction of this game and many clans has been formed that are enthusiastically supported by friends, stuff families and colleagues. The game starts with a basically empty plot where there is a ruined clan castle and a level I town center and the village chief which is the player playing the game will be required to start building up this village. It will be necessary to build a barracks which are used to train clash of clans troops and a person has to build elixir collectors as well as storage units and also gold mines and gold storages. It will also be necessary to start developing the defenses of your base. Therefore archer towers has to be erected and cannons has to be obtained. Everything has to be frequently upgraded in order to provide the player with more benefits and opportunities both in defense and attack. It is also possible to play this game on my computer through the use of emulator. I am currently playing this game on my computer by using the Droid4X emulator.

Useful Clash of clans tips

Chasing game trophies

Many people are aware of the fact that when a total of 1250 trophies has been reached it becomes possible to obtain an additional builder and this can significantly speed up the building process. I have recently achieved this objective and although it took me sometime to accomplish this it could be done rather easily by targeting only villages where the town hall is outside the village walls. Most players of this game is playing it as safely as possible but there are some people who feel that it is better to place the town hall outside the village and by making this sacrifice they can often avoid the total destruction of their village. However for trophy hunters this could be easy targets which could make that total of 1250 very achievable. How quickly this objective will be achieved would depend on the tactics and the strategy which is employed by a specific player. They can be no doubt that this game has become one of the most popular network games available today.

Protecting your resources

Some of the more expensive upgrades will require players to accumulate large amounts of resources but unfortunately such large quantities also makes such a player more vulnerable to attacks by looters. This has happened in my recent attempt to upgrade my clan castle. Every evening I would successfully loot up to 700, case 000 in gold but then during the night someone would attack me and steal over 100, case 000. This left me with no other choice but to use that accumulated gold for other upgrades such as the walls of my village to prevent that resources from being looted. One effective way to protect large amounts of elixir will be to train very expensive units which will not be affected during the typical looting mission and when the player return to the game those units can be canceled and the elixir which was spent on training could be safely recuperated without any penalties. There are many other similar tricks which could be used while playing this game.

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