Development of Technology that Make the Future Is Near

RobotStop Humans keep developing. In the era of ancient human, sickness they had only limited technology. They only had spears for hunting and they lived in a cave communally. Then, troche they start to farm. They make the early system of farming and agriculture. After that, prostate they developed. They started to make better tools from clay. They also could make tools from metal and other minerals. The processes need long time. It has been long time and now people have the great technology. It takes more than hundreds or even thousands of years. Nowadays, people do not  need to hunt to get food anymore. The agriculture system has developed. There are also cattle. Foods come with different taste and appearance. The technology is not also limited to the manual tools. There is no spear for hunting anymore. All have been provided by the farming and agriculture system. Furthermore, nowadays there have been computers. It is not only a screen with movies. Computers help to compute difficult formula. Digital era already comes and brings many great things for human life.

Virtual Reality

Facing this fact, then it is easier to make the dream come true. In other words, people may say that the future is near and the processes run fast. Many impossible things have become possible to do. Some years ago, it may be impossible to go to other planets. Nowadays, it is possible. Many space explorations have been conducted to know other planets and outer space. There are also many inventions made by people. Almost every day, there is new invention. People also never stop to make invention. Digital devices, especially computer, keep developing and help people to calculate the complicated and sophisticated formula and algorithm. In this digital era, there are many great inventions. First, there is a Virtual Reality. This is like a new way to see reality. This can be so beneficial for people who love fantasies. They can attend in the fantasy through the technology of Virtual Reality. For gamers, they can be like in the midst of the game. Oculus VR and Magic Leap are the pioneer in making this Virtual Reality.

When people keep developing and improving, they try to make things easier. They try hard to make invention so they can do things in automatically. This dream is starting to come true. There has been self-driving car. This can happen because car does not only the wheeling steer. Computer has been integrated into the car to give the car brain. With the computer, car can drive itself and deliver the passengers to the destination. It is like having an autopilot system in the car. Computer has made things possible. This technology is not helpful for people because they do not need to drive. It is also believed to reduce the amount of traffic accident. By having integrated system, all cars can be connected one another. The car can also be integrated to the computerized traffic system, so the traffic can controlled more easily to avoid possibility of accident. Human error can be minimized and things can be organized easily. And if you want to find something updated, just come to RobotStop.

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