Why it pays to use a marine breakaway coupling?

marine breakaway couplings

viagra order serif;”>The marine breakaway couplings provide the offshore fluid transfer systems with a safety fuse which can be identified. It activates automatically and shuts the product flow off, sale in case the hose string has an undue tensile load, or the flow has had an unacceptable surge. The internal components as well as the MBC itself, are subject to various variables, like flow variables, type of media, type of hose, condition and age of hose, maintenance regimes, conditions of storage, storage time, frequency of use, conditions of handling and installation, as well as environmental variables, like the sea conditions.

marine breakaway coupling

Protection provided by MBC

During the loading and unloading operation carried out at the sea, the dangers of tanker breakouts are always present and can occur very quickly. When such an event takes place, the MBC activates. This further reduces the risk of spillage. Hence, marine breakaway coupling greatly cuts down the clean – up costs and also helps protect the environment.

Benefits of using a marine breakaway coupling

These present a comparatively quicker as well as safer solution to the conventional methods of making and breaking the connection of the hose. There are several devastation outcomes of an accident in the marine environment, and these can be prevented by the use of a quality marine breakaway coupling.

1. These minimise the risk of spills

The happening of oil spills at offshore sites can greatly hamper and delay the contract cargo delivery. This also significantly adds up to the overall cost of the complete project. Physical damage to assets may be caused, resulting in longer and costly downtime. Additionally, the clean – up operations also have their own added costs.

2. Safe shutdown when it is needed

The marine breakaway coupling provides within the marine hose transfer system, a clear, identifiable safe beginning point. This is done by the automatic shut off of the product flow and this prevents any further damage to the system in cases when there may be a powerful surge in the flow pressure, or when the tensile load which is placed on the entire hose system exceeds the safe limit.

3. Reduction in personal injury

There are many potential short as well as long consequences of personal injury like the investor costs, litigation and these would greatly compromise the performance of a business. Employing the marine breakaway coupling reduce any such risks and it also demonstrates that proven solutions through engineering have been put to use at the right place for preventing pollution as well as enhancing the terminal safety.

4. Other added benefits

These maximize the terminal integrity. They also boost the morale of the employees because of enhanced safety levels. Cut down unnecessary time and resource expenditure for clean – ups.

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