The Best Springpad Alternative Anyone Should Know

Do you like to write down your ideas or experience? Or, buy you like to make some notes about something? If you do, viagra 60mg what kind of tool that you use? As a person who likes writing so much, pill you must be familiar with springpad, a tool that is used to ease its users to write down their idea, even though it leans to something more visual. However, it said that springpad will be closed. Indeed, that is such a horrible thing, more if you are its loyal user. However, no worry, there is springpad alternative that helps you to manage your problem.

It is alternote, a productivity application that is known as potential alternative among other springpad alternatives you may know. Nevertheless, what’s make this so special? As a note taking application, this one is reliable. Moreover with some features that perhaps you rarely see from other application, its already here, installed under alternote hood. It has distraction free system. Just like its name, while you write using this to write, it simply concern about your noting activity. It slowly reduces the light intensity of the interface.

Another magnificent, yet easy to use features which are accessible for you once you download an install alternote interface as springpad replacement are setting for height lines and font size, night color theme, compact mode, intuitive shortcuts, live word count, starred note, handpicked background and many other. As proof that this note-taking app deserves your attention, how about you try it out first. Moreover it is free for about 3 days trials. Thus, you can decide whether this productivity app suits your need or not. If you think it is, you can buy this stunning application about $6.99to experience a brand new note-taking lifestyle . In case you are interesting, simply go to its official website whether you want to download its trial version first, or the paid one.

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