Getting to know about Leo privacy guard 2.0

Leo privacy guard 2.0 is a security application which is being designed and made by the company Leomaster. Leomaster is a mobile internet service provider company whose aim is to provide better mobile surfing experience to the users of the mobile. The company initiated in July, hospital 2014 and since then has been working for the betterment of mobile users. It has its branches situated in San Francisco, India, Shenzhen, Hong Kong. The company launched its first mobile application in November 2014 its name being Leo privacy guard 2.0. The application served to protect the personal data of the mobile phone users and prevented unauthorized access to the mobile phone of the users. The need of such a software was greatly needed and Leomaster wasted no time in coming up with a software which provided relief to the cell phone users. It was observed by the makers that internet traffic was full of illicit viruses and Trojans running operated by the hackers who wanted to gain control over the mobile phones of the users and steal their private and personal data such as bank details, email address, private pictures and videos.


Exclusive features of the Leo privacy guard 2.0

  1. The simplicity of the interface- The interface of the software was designed keeping in mind the uses of the users. The options app lock, security of phone and monitoring of the mobile phone could easily be accessed. There wasn’t any complexity in operating the software and is very easy.
  2. Boosting- The second most important feature of the Leo Privacy Guard is that it provides the option of boosting up the memory of mobile phone. A boost icon gets downloaded by default when downloading the software and a notification gets displayed whenever the phone requires a boost or is working too slow. A pop icon would be displayed and by clicking on it a rocket comes from downwards and as the work progresses it moves upwards and in the rocket moves out from upwards and the boosting process is completed. Then a pop gets displayed displaying the amount of memory or RAM cleaned by the software. Thus it as an easy and simple way of boosting up the working of the mobile.
  3. Modes- Another stupendous feature of the privacy guard is that is provides generally two modes i.e. Home mode and Guest mode. When in home one can use the home mode in which you can view and use all the applications. And when required you can use the guest mode where some of applications might get vanished. All you need to do is to drag the applications to the guest mode which you want to keep secured.
  4. Themes- The software provides various themes which can be applied by the users. Plus, the facilities like boosting up of mobile application locker different modes have made it the common choice of the users. The software also provides time mode where you can set up the time regarding when a particular mode should be activated.
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