Fallout Shelter Computer Game Tips to Set Up an excellent Vault Layout

imagesOkay, so one crucial to a flourishing vault is understanding the best way to set up your rooms. I’ve really tried a variety of layouts, but when it comes down to it, in the early phases you do not need to assemble too much too quickly. The reason is, the more rooms you’ve out there, the more you need to power and making power takes folks – if you do not have enough, bad stuff happens. Download Fallout Shelter on PC excellent Vault Layout tips.

(Vault Layout For 8 – 12 Dwellers)
Okay, as soon as you reach 8 dwellers, at this point you need to construct another living quarters. When you go to assemble you next living quarters, do not put it next to rooms already set up! Build an lift to the 3rd floor and put it down there. This enables you to enlarge that room afterwards. Combining same types of rooms collectively is recommended for generation/power efficacy so consistently bear this in your mind when planning your layouts.

Now you need to get 4 more dwellers that come to your vault doorway. Make certain as each new dweller comes, you check their SPECIAL to see where they’re suitable to work. The simplest way to get this done is to pull the brand new dweller over each room and see which room he or she’s got a higher SPECIAL in. In case the room is already full of dwellers, but your new one has a higher UNIQUE degree than someone in that room, they will have a signal over top of them with a amount. Simply lose the dweller in that room and they will replace the dweller with the lowest UNIQUE degree.

Importance of Assigning Dwellers To The proper Room

I cannot stress enough how significant it’s to assign dwellers to the right rooms. The higher a dweller’s SPECIAL the greater an advantage they’re in that room only because they accelerate the creation time. As a result I’m always monitoring that new dwellers get assigned to the correct areas.

First Wastelands Excursion

Okay, by now you’ve 12 dwellers in your vault and two are simply hanging out at the vault door. I’d suggest you proceed and send those two out into the wilderness for about an hour – but no longer or they’ll expire and you’ll need to pay bottle caps to restore them.

The wilderness is an excellent spot to pick up caps, outfits that increase specials, weapons for fighting attackers and more so get those unassigned dwellers out there!

Getting First Lunchboxes, Mixing Rooms And Imputing Specific Characters

Okay, at this point you need to have finished enough goals that you have likely brought in a lunch box or two. When you open those you understand they’re full of goodies like caps, weapons, ensembles and unique characters. Here is what you need to do with each when you get them.


With the caps you need to clearly add on to your present rooms – blend yet another diner room next to your old one and one more water treatment as food and water are likely becoming low. Should you food and water are in the red, it is wise to attempt to RUN each of these rooms once when you have combined them as it might get your supply up in time to maintain your dwellers from becoming too ill or an excessive amount of radiation. Radiation and illness can eventually become a important problem in your vault that could efficiently kill all your dwellers in the event you do not keep your food and water supply upward, so constantly track that. For much more hints about that, take a look at this post.


I constantly instantly place all of the weapons and ensembles on my players. Determined by what particular my players have, delegate the ensembles which will improve players which are quite high in that ability. For instance, if I’ve three dwellers in my personal diner using a five, a three as well as a two in agility and get a handyman jumpsuit that increases their degree of agility by 3, I put the suit on the man who has the degree 5. This makes creation considerably faster.


While I get weapons, I also instantly equip my players with the. I start in the very top of the vault, handing out the finest weapons to the folks on the very best floor as they are going to see attackers first. For those who have characters going into the wilderness, you can hold a weapon for that, but beyond that, I keep them on my dwellers Apps for PC SIR Official Blog.

Specific Characters

As far as I am aware, lunchboxes are the sole solution to get unique characters so when you get one, cherish him or her. Generally, when I get a particular character, I instantly equip him or one with a weapon (if accessible) and send him or her into the wilderness. These characters consistently have elevated rates of specials and have greater degrees of expertise so they last manner longer than any of your other dwellers and they pick up some awesome loot for you. (For more on wilderness survival, take a look at this post.) You need to be able to leave a specific character in the wilderness, even with no weapon, readily for 6 hours before needing to call them back. In that time they’ll have picked up some amazing stuff so set them to work for you!

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