Excellent Colocation Service in Indonesia

In this internet era, viagra 40mg everything is digitalized. Companies need large storage to store their data. Aside from large storage, prescription they also need to access their data with internet connection. Some companies already have servers to store their data. This server is equipped with internet connection so that the people within the company, story customers, and public can access certain information in the server. However, there are some server issues that must be dealt with these companies. One of them is power. This power problem can be easily solved though. A server must be equipped with a generator so that when there is an electricity failure, people can keep accessing the information in it. Another issue is internet connection. It is a little difficult to solve. When there is a problem with internet connection, this server will not be able to be accessed.

If your company server is not enough to store your data, it is better for you to store your data at the collocation server or data center. You can rent data center or build your own data center. However, building your own data center is expensive. You will need to have all the equipment and hire IT expert. If you do not have the budget for it, it is better for you to rent a data center. NEX Colocation Indonesia offers you with data center service. Buying collocation service offers you with several benefits.

Benefits of colocation service

One of the benefits you’ll get from collocation service is it saves you time and money. By hiring this service, you do not need to build a special room for your server. You do not need to buy a generator either. When you are getting this service, there is no IT experts needed to maintain and manage the server. That’s why you can save a lot of your company funds.


Another benefit is that the colocation service is equipped with large bandwidth and internet connections that are located in various locations. In consequence, you do not need to worry about internet connection failure. If there is a failure, others connections will keep the data center works. As a result, your company and other parties can access the data in it.

Reasons to get colocation service Indonesia

There are many data center service out there. However, not all of them are worth your consideration. NEX Colocation Indonesia is one of the data center service companies that offer you with high quality service. This company provides you with many facilities. One of them is security. The data center is stored in a secure building. This building is equipped with advanced protection such as highly sensitive fire detection. Therefore, risk of fire can be minimized.

This company applies energy efficient methods in operating the data center facilities. It also applies innovative technologies in order to provide the most satisfying data center service for you. Excess water use in data cooling system has been an issue so far. That’s why this company combining cooling system to minimize water use. It combines dual cooling system i.e. chilled water cooled and air cooled for its data center devices. That’s why getting data center service from this company will not make you feel guilty over draught that happens in this country

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