Load Your Data through Various Salesforce Data Loader Tools

Salesforce data loading process can be done by tools known as the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools. These applications may incorporate activities like accumulating data from payroll, discount cost accounting and purchase and sale application systems. ETL tools can save many hours by making the manual works easy.

Progress Data Direct: This is a very highly reliable ETL tool which helps in combining traditional as well as modern interfaces for achieving excellent data connectivity with Salesforce. It is a very user friendly as well as efficient tool. The built-in cache remains within the driver without requiring an intermediate database. The web service calls can be controlled and the performances can be improved through this particular tool. While loading the tactical and strategic data, pharm you can also configure the driver without applying codes.

Talend Open Studio: The Talend Open Studio is a versatile and powerful open source ETL tool for Salesforce. It offers a unified platform within a unified environment which makes the data management as well as application integration process easier. Data integration, order application integration as well as the data quality can be improved within the graphical environment. Transformation function is the biggest advantage of this tool where you can also utilize data cleansing and master data management procedures. This tool has some limitations also. As it is huge in nature, the tool is very confusing too. Common activities are usually managed in a complex way.

Pentaho Community Edition: This is an open source version which contains full functionality of Midas. Tools can be accessed and time tested by the community. In case of troubleshooting, a vibrant community can be created through this community edition for solving the problems. If you still have any doubts, just visit http://www.flosum.com/salesforce-data-migrator/ to know more.

Midas: Midas is considered to be highly flexible and cloud based ETL tool which can deliver an uninterrupted integration between Oracle E-business suite, Salesforce, SAP and some databases like MySQL. It helps in decreasing the time, cost and effort. It can process huge volume of data where cloud can be used for performing large data stacks. This tool also provides more than 300 open source connectors which score high in transparency also. Without compromising with the quality, you can ensure the process in double fast time.

Starfish ETL: This ETL tool is well known for its flexibility, speed and power. All data sources can be connected with the help of multiple databases. Data maps can be customized and pre -defined by which handy actions can take place. Duplicate checking and conversion of data types can be scheduled as well.

MassEffect: It is one of the powerful ETL tools that are used for Salesforce data loading purpose. It possesses many unique features for supporting international characters. It also allows importing and exporting of various file formats like UDL, MDB, and CSV etc.

Apatar: Apatar is nothing but an advanced Salesforce tool which helps in proper functioning of databases and third party applications. This interface manages various complex integration activities with programming and design. The native SQL can be generated automatically with the help of this particular tool. Apatar is strong enough to process data between various sources like different files and folders.  But, with small memory and CPU footprint, installation process is very easy and fast. It is a free tool with various functions which supports the community edition of Apatar.

Different tools can work in different methods for data loading in Salesforce.  Depending on the tasks of your business, you are required to select the best one.

Author Bio: John Marshall is a well known Salesforce agent. In this article, he is sharing some tips for loading your data through data loader tools. You can also visit http://www.flosum.com/salesforce-data-migrator/ to know more.

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