Innovation for Businesses In today’s digital world, look where new competitors seem to be popping up every day, order companies must continue to innovate to grab customer attention and differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Some companies try gimmicks to gain customers and increase business. But, the only way to truly separate yourself from the competition is through innovation. With all of the technological advances recently, it might seem as if there is no way anyone or any company can come up with something truly innovative, something that captures your customers’ attention.

The best way to achieve innovation in business is to allow for ideas to flow in an open environment. Companies must provide a place where employees can creatively and dynamically connect, innovate, imagine and collaborate to ensure that their thoughts and ideas can flourish – a place such as Zillable.


Zillable has developed a disruptive collaboration and communication system that provides innovators, creators and the rest of the world with an intelligent social network. After extensive research, testing, building and re-building, Zillable has effectively merged social media with collaboration workspaces, creating a robust networking engine that transcends what we know today as the social and sharing economy.

Zillable allows organizations and businesses to participate in open innovation and co-creation and leverage the connected wisdom of their employees. It provides businesses with a global, private collaboration network that increases workplace efficiency and streamlines the way employees brainstorm, network and work toward innovation.

Zillable provides true workplace collaboration – a place where employees can come together to share and develop ideas, regardless of their location. Teams from throughout the globe can work together to create the next big thing. All it takes is one employee.

innovation in business

That one employee posts his or her idea on Zillable. Then, others from throughout the company can take that idea and add to it, each employee adding his or her own expertise to your idea. That idea is nurtured and developed, and given the space to grow. One idea by one employee becomes a corporate project that can turn into your company’s next big thing – the innovative idea, solution or product that boosts your company to the next level.

Innovation is what propels companies to become leaders in their industry. But, innovation doesn’t just happen. It needs to be fostered, nurtured and encouraged. Zillable provides your employees with the space to collaborate, ideate and publish and, in the process, innovate and change the world.

Written by Zillable

Zillable™ is the world’s first social and collaboration network for innovation-on-demand, where individuals and teams can creatively and dynamically collaborate, ideate, and publish. As a communication and collaboration system, Zillable provides disruptors and creatives with an intelligent network that bridges minds to go beyond superficial connections. With Zillable, you can establish genuine connections with like-minded individuals who can help you succeed. For more information, please visit

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