Campaign Mania in crowdfunding will have a unique impact on politics


There is almost 1000 tech projects listed on the crowdfunding centre alone, as I write this article. We have stats to suggest its almost 600 campaigns per hour on the top 1200 crowdfunding sites, yes I did say the top 1200, you cannot keep count. It’s moving so fast and everyone is jumping on board, which feels a bit like the calm approach to a train wreck. Diversity must start to take place and leaders must start to emerge, this crowdfunding movement could actually be the single fastest growing market ever.

Lets rewind to the heading and to 2008. The Barack Obama’s fundraising campaign broke all previous records for presidential primary and general election campaigns, and has changed expectations for future presidential elections. The campaign avoided using public campaign funds, raising all of its money privately from small individual donors. Sound familiar? By the general election itself the campaign team had raised more than $650 million. Not bad and landed the team leader the number one job.

So, now lets fast forward to today and then zoom into tomorrow, young inventive and creative minds are raising capital the same way and on top of it they are building businesses, and just like the President of the United States of America, they need help building out all the promises they made on the campaign trail. Whether you are a subscriber to the Obama promises or not as an investor in a crowdfunding deal you have expectation, you were promised something, you had better get it, right Barack?

So now imagine the skills these minds are developing in creating, running and closing out on a successful crowdfunding campaign, for an idea, a movie or a socially aware community project. Ideas grow and so does ambition and it’s adding a whole new skill set to the masses of people conducting campaigns.

 “When I ran my first campaign on Kickstarter back in 2016 I didn’t expect I would be using those skills to get the presidency”

We are funded by the European Stock Exchange and as such buy into the premise. The premise that a place to list and make a home after you close out your campaign is vital. We research and write and now we tweet about this amazing new sector we find our selves with front row seats to, yet it has a downside and it’s a serious one. Reports have already started to emerge that many campaign promoters change the name and run again, failure is coming cheap in the light of the billions being invested directly into projects without any or many fail safes.

The ESE is building a place where these projects, companies and minds can be part of the next wave, a bridge between postcrowdfunding and a regulated exchange. Helping companies stay in business, helping them grow, making sure they stay in front of bigger more sophisticated investors, making sure they act like public companies even though they are not obliged to. Keep proper records, make announcements, update their shareholders and keep a proper register. I am terrified most of these companies don’t know how.

You close out your campaign and get into the white house, do you throw a party or do you roll your sleeves up and get to work? You just got funded to create something, get to work. Find your next layer and do some planning. Be ready for a market shift, be seen by the next level of investors and collaborate and contribute to other projects in the same field or just in the same boat.

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