Why You Need Surface Lamp-House Eye Protection Lamp


The invention of a brand new technology changes people lifestyle in many ways. Sometimes it turns good and sometimes it is not. Take your smart phone as example, capsule how it changes your life? Have you noticed it before? Okay, treat this technology helps you a lot in terms of communication, illness but using it improperly, it will damage you. Not all, but almost people especially young generations lean to overuse their mobile phone to read e-book, browse website and so on, even right before they fall asleep. Smart phone is not the only thing, a bad reading habit without adequate light technology, it is harmful that makes you will appreciate so much portable reading light for bed.


It is a latest portable reading light technology for those who love to spend their time reading or some with not only adequate light, but also proper technology. In fact, portable is not the only thing which makes this reading light is special, but it is also foldable. You can fold this Foldable led book light from 180 degree, 90 degree to 25 degree which allows you to adjust certain direction that you need. A reading light that is known as surface lamp-house eye protection lamp has so many key features that you barely get from your old desk lamp.

It has no mercury filing, no radiation that deteriorates your eyes, durable, resist to crash and many more– you know that this led eye protection reading lamp is for you. This reading light basically is comprised of three distinctive parts that enable you to read without problem, they are; soft panel that responsible to produce softer and comfortable light for your eyes, light guide panel for proper light distribution, and the last one is light reflector panel that makes this reading light non-stop gives you good light for reading.

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