Top 10 Tips on How to Monitor WhatsApp and Other IM Chats

Top 10 Tips on How to Monitor WhatsApp and Other IM Chats

It’s the era of digital detectives and we don’t need quirky gadgets to monitor others’ activities. Parents really want to monitor WhatsApp and other IM chats on their kids’ phones, decease as Instant messengers are very common amongst teens and tweens. So I guess it’s a good time to share few of my personal tips that will make monitioring app like WhatsApp, Viber, Line etc. more effective and easy. Take a look:

  1. Discuss the Benefits of Monitoring With Your Kids

You can’t really use a smartphone monitoring app even on your kids’ smartphone, legally, without their consent. So if you really want to monitor their WhatsApp chats, discuss the benefits of monitoring with them so that they can embrace it peacefully. Tell them the dangers of the internet and how anons can contact them online for sinister reasons.

  1. Get a Smartphone Monitoring App

In order for you to monitor chats on someone else’s smartphone, having an app that can remotely access the target device is pertinent. You can choose from various free or paid apps. Just do a quick google search. If you want a paid app with a number of other monitoring features, there are some trusted names like mSpy, XNSPY, Flexispy etc. that you can choose from.

  1. Get a NoJailbreak Version

Many apps out there won’t let you monitor others’ smartphones without jailbreaking or rooting them. Though it’s not a big deal for some, there are many others out there who would want to keep their phone jailbreak-free, as it makes devices more vulnerable to external threats.

  1. Always Stay Connected To the Internet

If you are not connected to internet all the time, then it’s possible that you might miss out on something important that would need an immediate response. For instance, your son’s recent WhatsApp chat involved a plan to have marijuana at his friends place, you could have intercepted by reading those chat in time.

  1. Be Patient

You decided to monitor your kid and even purchased an app to do so, but it’s also not a great idea to react to every conversation that your kid is going to have, or else, he is going to retaliate.

  1. Understand the Settings of Your App

If you are not used to of your apps settings then chances are that you are going to end up with anxiety and hopelessness. For example, many apps backup data onto the control panel after 24 hours while some do it every time the target device connects to the internet.

  1. Take a Demo or Trial

If you have decided to expend your money on a paid version, make sure you take a trial first to know if the app works fine or not.

  1. Check Device Compatibility

If you are not checking the device compatibility before getting the app, you may have to spend again to purchase another subscription.

  1. Go through the features before purchase

Not every app out there provides same features. Some may offer WhatsApp chats monitoring, others may not. So before you buy an app, always reconcile your ‘expected features’ with the provided features.

  1. Take Help from Customer Support

There may be many terms and conditions that you may need to know about an app, contact a customer support agent so that they can explain them to you. Also, if you are stuck anywhere with the app, they will get you out of it.

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