Why you Need Professional Reputation Management Services?

If you have been in business for some years you will know that it is not always possible to keep all your customers and clients satisfied. There will be some bad experiences, without your intentions, and your some customers and prospects are going to share their poor experience. Review sites and social networks play a crucial role in your online reputation, and trust me there’s always going to be bad word, at least once in a dozen reviews!

So if you are serious about your business prospects, make sure to manage your online reputation.

Why you Need Professional Reputation Management Services

Reputation Management Helps Build Credibility

You may have hundreds of positive reviews. But it takes just one negative one to send your prospects away. You will not even get the chance to explain that one entry and your potential customer will go to your competitor’s site or will be already making a call to them.

Reputation management helps you build trust with your target audience. When people are searching for products or services online, they are highly careful about the credibility of the brand. Building your online reputation can help you prevent the spreading of negative and false information while building credibility.

Can you tell whether a negative review on your social profile or on a review site has been added by a genuine customer? With the dynamics of online review sites being as simple as a basic sign-up with an email, you can never be sure who is posting those negative reviews.

There is a thing called negative SEO and it is so easy that it has become highly prevalent. Have you ever thought about your competitors contributing to those negative online reviews?

What is Negative SEO?

While most business owners will know about SEO, most don’t have an idea of what negative SEO can mean.

You have created a blog to promote your products or services. It will help build your search engine rankings. At the same time, your competitors can also build a blog with negative reviews about your products – and they will also help boost search rankings for your products. But that will mean that negative reviews about your products will appear readily to your searchers and send off more of your target audience.

Competitors will not only do that, they will also spamming your web pages with poor quality backlinks to destroy your rankings and increase the chances of Google penalties. They can do this because it’s easy and almost undetectable!

So negative SEO is the use of unethical methods to negatively affect your search rankings and online reputation. They can take pale in more ways than you can imagine:

  • They can build hundreds if not thousands of irrelevant backlinks to your site

  • They can copy your content and post it multiple times to reduce the uniqueness and SEO benefits, thus crashing your rankings

  • They can point backlinks to your site using forbidden words and irrelevant words like “gambling” and adult content keywords

  • They can create fake accounts and post negative reviews and information across the web and social platforms

All this can have a detrimental effect on your search rankings and online reputation. When your audience finds more negative information about your brand, they are easily going to distance away from you.

Since reputation management is not something that you can handle yourself. So make sure to seek professional support.

Author Bio:

Adam Ostopowich is a specialist in web design Calgary and all aspects of online marketing. One of the most well known digital marketing professionals in the Calgary, market he has serviced thousands of clients in the greater Alberta area. Currently, he likes to spend more of his time sharing his knowledge with his audiences.

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