Why is it so important to have a responsive website?

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treat serif;”>There has been a real rise in the usage of physician serif;”>mobile devices since the initial release of the smartphones and tablets. Even though in the past most of the people used to access the Internet through their desktop or laptop, nowadays more than 70% of all users that enter the internet on a daily basis do it through their smartphones. This number has been constantly increasing in the past few years and it looks like it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. It is actually understandable why so many people do it, given the fact that with smartphones you have access to the internet wherever you are, unlike computers which most of the time require a source of power to run.

Knowing this fact, more and more website owners come to terms with the fact that nowadays it is a must to have a responsive website if you want to make it in the business. After all, given the fact that the majority of the users are accessing your website through their smartphone, you need to make sure that they have the same positive user experience that the users of a desktop computer will have. The only way that a website can show its full quality on any kind of screen is when you make it responsive, so this is one of the most important features that you need to consider.


What Does Responsive Website Mean?

For those who don’t know what a responsive website is, in simple terms it means that the website can be supported by any device without any issues. You most likely have had the experience of accessing a website through your smartphones that is not optimized for mobile devices. This can be a real deal breaker as the images are too large, the text is unreadable, and sometimes some of the links or additional features cannot be seen. Fortunately, every year more and more website owners understand the importance of having a responsive website and make sure that they incorporate this feature in their own websites.

Why It’s Important to Have a Responsive Website?

Accessing a website through a device that the site does not support will not only decrease its quality but it will also ruin the user experience. As a website owner, one of your main priorities should be that all of the visitors in your website have a positive user experience which would tempt them to return to it once again. When a user accesses a website that is unsupported, their user experience is greatly decreased and so they are highly likely not going to return to this website. After all, who would say to himself: “I better enter this site when I get home from a computer?” With such a wide variety of websites on the internet there surely will be at least one other site that offers the same kind of products or services and a user is much more likely to simply look for another website rather than waiting to go home so that it can access yours.

Making sure that your business survives in this fierce competition out there is a hard task, and it gets even harder if you don’t have a responsive website. Making a good first impression is another good reason to have a responsive website. Studies have shown that users are highly influenced by their first impression towards whether they use or don’t use the products/services of a website. When they access your website from a smartphone or a tablet only to see that it looks ugly and disproportionate, because you haven’t made it responsive, they will most likely not stick around to check out what your prices are. Even if you offer some affordable, high quality services/products, as long as you don’t make a good first impression you won’t be able to make too much sales.


If you haven’t made your website responsive yet, it still might not be too late. As a website owner, you need to understand that this is most likely the most important feature that a website could have in 2015 and without it there is a big possibility that you might not be able to survive in the industry, no matter how great your products or services might be.

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