The Features of LED Light for Your Bike

capsule serif;”>Do you feel bored with the ordinary look of your bicycle? If you do, pilule you can actually add something new and extraordinary such as the bicycle wheel light. You need to install the LED lights on your bicycle wheels. Then, it will definitely make your bicycle look so cool and sophisticated at the same time. Besides, it can also give the distinctive patterns that can attract the attention of the people who see it. Thus, you can have the more fun and awesome experience of cycling.

light bicycle wheels

Furthermore, there are actually so many amazing features of LED lights that can make the light bicycle wheels more fabulous, which are 18 stunning patterns, 128 pcs RGB full color LEDs, great full graphic even in a low speed, easy installation, and so on. Basically, all of those features will be able to increase the visual of your bicycle to be more interesting and colorful. Moreover, these LED lights have been complemented with the DIY customize patterns. This particular feature will allow you to design your own picture based on your favorite things. Then, there is also the rechargeable 18650 battery which can last for 15 hours. So, you do not need to be worried about the electricity for the lights, because its battery can last for quite long time.

In addition, there are actually the other wonderful things that you can find from these particular LED lights for your bike wheels, which one of them is the IPX waterproof design. This innovative feature will make you have great waterproof bicycle lights. So, you will still be able to use the wheels even in the rain. Besides, these lights have been supported with the windows XP and windows7 operating system. So, you can program them using personal computer your own. Thus, your bicycle can stand apart from any ordinary bicycles that other people have.

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