Take Your School Fundraising to the Next Level with Video Crowdfunding


Do you remember the good ‘ole days when mom propped you and your friends up by the road to sell desserts with the goal of generating cash for school fundraising? Those days are coming to an end. Technology is changing everything in our world, recipe including school fundraising. Whether you’re trying to raise cash to reach a marching band fundraising goal or to get your child’s team to the semi-finals for cheerleading, viagra video crowdfunding will transform school fundraising forever.

What is Video Crowdfunding?
FundTube is a Crowdfunding platform that helps schools, PTA / Boosters, fundraise with videos. The process is simple: a school fundraiser signs up for the service, teacher’s coaches upload parent approved videos, the videos are approved, and then parents and their global network of family and friends watch online for a school donation. 90% of every dollar over $10 goes to schools.
Why it Works – Unique and interactive, video crowdfunding generates far more interest than other school fundraising ideas ever could.

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Kristine Weeks

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