iPage is the Best Hosting Site for the Beginners, Why?

viagra buy serif;”>Gone are the days when you needed to have the best of knowledge to manage a website. Honestly, I wonder how folks used to survive then. This is because you needed to be a genius to run a site successfully. Today, with iPage’s web hosting service, all you need to do is click a button.

As a beginner, you are probably confused and ignorant. Despair no more.

Here are reasons why iPage is the best host for you:

IPage Offers Unlimited Resources (Another Reason for Beginners to Smile)

With an iPage hosting account, almost everything is unlimited!

You get to enjoy unlimited storage, bandwidth, database, and email accounts. Furthermore, you can host multiple websites in a single hosting account.

iPage has a Native English Speaking Technical Team that Supports Beginners

Just as mentioned earlier, as a beginner, you are not aware about many things. This is where iPage’s technical support kicks in. The support team takes your hand and guides in a step by step manner. Since the support is native English speaking, so you can be assured that communication will be crystal clear.

As you may know, the support department is very crucial, and web providers who do not take customers seriously risk losing out on many of them. Luckily, you will not have to run away because iPage caters for all needs.

Their email, chat, and phone support are available 24/7.

Your website may experience problems, and you will always want to get it back on track as soon as possible. Down time is always loss time. To deal with this, iPage promises to attend to all your calls within a period of two minutes. To me, this is still a lengthy period. They should work on it further.

iPage has Money Back Guarantee

Since iPage offers an anytime money back guarantee, as a beginner, you are free to walk out if you feel you are getting what you do not like.

Most web host providers always ask you to pay an upfront fee upon subscription. With iPage, this trend applies too.

Nonetheless, be assured that your money is totally safe, since it is guarded by the 30 days money back guarantee. Within these 30 days, if you feel you are getting a raw deal, you can demand for a refund. Note that iPage will ask no questions.

Wait a minute. There is more. Even after the 30 days period, you are still be covered by the “anytime money back guarantee”.

iPage Offers Free Marketing Credits

Once you sign up with iPage, you will enjoy free marketing/advertising credits worth over $300. These credits include Yahoo credits, Google Adwords, Facebook credits, plus a listing on YellowPages.com-is this not awesome?

These freebies, apart from the listing on YellowPages.com, are mostly meant for beginners because existing customers do not enjoy them that much.

With all these advantages, you will get exposure. Accordingly, you web traffic will increase and your business will grow.

iPage Assures Beginners of Their Security

As a new user, you are vulnerable to all kinds of attack. With iPage your security is assured. In fact, they were even the first to include the SiteLock Security Suite. With the spam and malware scanning functions, you can put a stop to all spamming and hacking activities. Nowadays, hackers do not only target large corporations, even the smallest website is at risk. Hackers place close to anything on websites.

The SiteLock Security badge also shows your clients that your business is indeed legitimate. This will help you gain their trust, despite the fact that you are a beginner. Likewise, you can also rock the SiteLock certificate. This is an excellent feature that will further strengthen your brand in the market.

As a new user, you may be using a site like WordPress. IPage allows you to install WordPress as well as other website apps in just one click.

Good news is that the WordPress script is already installed in your hosting account.

You may have already realized that a good number of subscribers use iPage to host their WordPress blogs. Have you ever asked yourself why?

If you are a beginner looking to host a site, you already know where to look. IPage has got your back, they know that as a beginner, you are facing a lot of challenges in the market.

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