How to choose the right web host among so many genuine and not-so-genuine ones!

Choosing a web host is a tricky task because you never know which one is genuine and which is not-so-genuine. There is no web hosting that is fake (just considering the top ones). They either have the features that they have mentioned on the home page, drug or they are just making it up to get more people signing up on the website. When they do, see they are going to surprise them with ‘conditions apply’ trick, which of course will make them pay for the services.

Therefore, you have to be agile while choosing the right web hosting, as it is the matter of your business, your livelihood, so you can’t take any risk with it. There are many web hosting service providers in the world today, so you can compare the services and features offered by the top five web hosting service providers and finalize the one with the most appropriate set of services and features along with great prices. iPage is one of the most popular and widely used web hosting service in the world.

Millions of websites are hosted with iPage and are also doing extremely well because the company offers impeccable services and technical support to its clients. The best part about iPage is that they have the most affordable rates. Moreover, a user can get free quotes for the services offered by iPage as well. All you have to do is, go to the iPage website and check the free quotes they are offering this month. The company comes up with special offers every month, just to keep its users attracted.

Plan to Choose

If you are a newbie, then you can opt for the shared web hosting plan offered by the iPage. It is cheap and has all the features to get you started with your online business. The shared web hosting plan is very useful to those who have only a few domains to host, as it can easily manage 4-6 domains. Those who have bigger and established businesses can opt for virtual private servers or the dedicated servers. The company keeps launching great offers and deals time to time. Recently, it has launched hosting at $1.00 a month instead of $8.49, which is the actual rate. The company allows you to save as much as you can by taking part in the special savings event. The company also provides money back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the services of the company. Here are some of the features that will make you ask for the free quote for the hosting service offered by iPage.


It is one of the most important feature that a user requires at any cost. iPage servers are extremely reliable as they offer a minimum uptime of 99.6%. This ensures that the websites hosted with iPage are going to remain functional at all times. There is no guarantee given on the uptime, but the company tries its best to keep the servers intact. They have been providing 99.6% uptime with their continuous efforts only.

Unlimited Storage

If you are looking for a web hosting that offers unlimited bandwidth, then iPage should be your choice. You can store a custom amount of data on the website at free of cost, so this is another plus point of using iPage web hosting. The traffic on the websites can also be managed without any lag or downtime. The company offers a backup option as well, just in case you want to switch over to some other web hosting service provider.

What You Get on Sign Up

This is a feature we look forward to. iPage offers so many free features to the new users that it makes really hard for them to consider any other service provider. The features include free domains, marketing credits worth $300, free video tutorials, free email accounts, free website builder tool and more.

Customer Support

Newcomers will get all the support they need to build their website flawlessly and quickly. The company has a team of highly professional and talented individuals who are ready to help the users regarding any issue.

iPage is a reliable, competent, flexible and feature-packed web hosting that also offers free quotes on its hosting service, so you must consider iPage when looking for an efficient web hosting service provider.

Author Bio:

Ali Groose, the auhor of this blog post is working in a reputed IT company. He wanted to share his in-depth knowledge about iPage web hosting with his readers, so that they can host their website on iPage without any issue. Ali also found the free quotes for hosting service to be extremely useful in while browsing for collect wring information.

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