Get set to watch Ultra HD curved TV

After introducing the best possible smart phones and tablets in the market, tech giants like Apple and Google are looking at smart TVs. There are several Android powered smart TVs in the market. Even Apple’s (Apple TV) third generation set-top-boxes are available for as low as $69. These set-top boxes can transfer any ordinary TV into smart TV with the help of internet connection. The smart TV industry recently welcomed Mozilla’s operating system that can make things even better.

Get set to watch Ultra HD curved TV

Be ready to operate Firefox OS powered smart TV sets

During this year’s Mobile World Congress event in March, Mozilla introduced its smart TV operating system with Panasonic’s range of smart TVs. This OS allows users to use Firefox operating system along with other apps and features. The system is specially designed to work with Panasonic’s big screen smart TVs like CX800, CR730, and CR850. These models are exclusively available in the UK, and Mozilla has assured that all the smart TVs running on its operating systems would be available around the world within the next few months.

It competes with LG’s WebOS, Samsung’s Tizen platform and Android OS for smart TVs. Firefox OS’s features are similar to those offered by Amazon and Apple’s set-top box. But it appears that Firefox is in no mood to feel the heat in spite of dull response received for its mobile phone operating platform.

Company aims to develop high-end phones for Firefox OS

Mozilla’s mobile phone operating system was launched in April 2013, and it aims to take on iOS, and Android’s market share. Unfortunately, Mozilla was just able to convince device makers like TCL, Huawei and ZTE to design and built devices dedicated to the operating system. The open web, Linux-based operating system powered devices somehow managed to attract few buyers in developing countries. Around two million Mozilla OS powered phones were sold in 2014. Most of them were low-end phones, and the company aims to start offering high-end phones from this year.

If you believe Andreas Gal, Mozilla’s chief technical officer, the situation is slowly changing. Currently, these Firefox OS powered phones are available in 30 countries. More and more developers are willing to develop their apps for this operating system these days.

Are people around the world ready to buy Ultra HD TVs?

Study conducted by NPD DisplaySearch suggests that curved 4k tv market is expected to grow, and won’t prove to be another 3D TV like disaster. The study suggests that Chinese TV buyers would lead the world in buying Ultra HD TVs. Experts are expecting as much as 78 percent of Ultra HD TV sales to come from China during the next few months. European markets have also responded positively to Panasonic’s recently released Ultra HD smart TVs powered by Firefox OS.

Smart TV lovers can easily spot the differences between flat-screen TVs and curved screens. Curved ones offer better visibility for people sitting in the room’s corner. It also reduces glare and offers overall better viewing experience. Curved screen offers kind of IMAX-like experience. Currently, Samsung, LG, TCL, and Panasonic are offering such high-end TVs.

As far as the content is concerned, companies like Comcast, Netflix, Google, and some Hollywood studios have already started their work towards developing content for 4K smart TVs. Panasonic is also set to introduce its new Ultra HD Blu-ray players around the world.

Tech experts seem to be divided about the response that these Ultra HD TVs would receive in several markets. Price-wise, you should be willing to spend at least $1000 to enjoy the best television experience. If you wish to spend less, it is advisable to wait till these TVs are available in your country instead of importing them from Europe.

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