Best Ways To Save Money For iPage Hosting

We all love to get some discount from web hosting companies. Don’t you? Of course, discount who doesn’t like discounts! If you have been tired of not being able to spot the promotions that are provided by web hosting services, medicine then continue reading this blog post. Many people feel a lot frustrated at missing out on the great lower priced deals on the web hosting. In this blog post, I am going to share with all you guys one web hosting provider where you can easily get discounts. Well, it is not certain to get discount always, but if you are lucky, then you may get your hands on some great deals. So, here is the detail of the discounts and deals you can get.

iPage Web Hosting

For those of you who don’t know about iPage web hosting, let me tell you that it is one of the world’s leading web hosting service. The company offers a complete solution for those who are looking to get the best hosting and related services such as web design and development. There is no doubt upon the fact that their hosting is reliable, therefore your website is in good hands. This web hosting is also quite flexible, as the users get to customize their websites in your own unique way. There are many applications available with iPage, which make things a lot easier for the users.

Some of these applications include blogging tools, site builders, photo galleries and shopping carts. All these applications are dynamic and easy to use. There is nothing to worry about, even if you are a beginner in the web designing world. One of the best thing about iPage is that they don’t oversell the web hosting accounts. The company has mentioned on their website that the disk space and data transfer is not unlimited. There is nothing to worry, as the number of customers who exceed the normal usage is just 0.05%, as they use their accounts for file sharing or storage. There are many benefits for small websites and personal websites, as they will get adequate disk space and bandwidth at the time when they host their websites with iPage.

iPage Weekend Promotion

This is an exciting feature, as the company has started a process in which they give huge discounts to the people who sign up on the iPage hosting service over the weekends. There is no particular time span that how long this weekend promotion activity is going to continue, but people who were lucky enough to take the discounts are now extremely happy with iPage. This deal is indeed great and one must not let it slip without inquiring it on a several places.

Another thing that I want you to notice is the countdown that is shown on the page. This countdown shows how many days, hours, minutes and seconds are left in the deal. So, this will keep you informed about the deal, so that you don’t miss out on it. You have to check the time of the promotion period, as you may be living in a completely different time zone.

iPage hosting features

What makes them iPage the most recommended hosting providers is the fact that they have a number of features. They are currently serving over 1 million websites, so you can make out from this that they have the best-in-class services for its customers. Believe it or not, iPage throws in more than $400 worth of extra features in their plans. Here are some of the extra features they provide:

  1. Security Suite

When you sign up on iPage, you get security features of approximately $100, which includes malware scan, spam scan and business verification. Your website is hosted in a secure data centre.

  1. Marketing Suite

Unlike all other web hosting service, iPage provides Google AdWords credits worth $100 and $25 on Yahoo! And Bing search credit and many more similar kinds of features.

  1. Free Domain Name

Users can also get a personalized domain name registration absolutely free. The registration is free for an entire year, which is a wonderful thing for those who wish to build a new website. You can know more about iPage by logging on to their website.

Author Bio:

Darcy Mattingley, the author of this blog post is an experienced IT professional having an in-depth knowledge about the top web hosting service providers. He wanted to share his knowledge regarding saving the money with iPage hosting and he also collect information deferent web hosting review site such as She hope that this information will help them make a better decision.

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