Best Ways to Find Low Cost Web Hosting Services

cialis serif;”>When some people hear of “low cost”, pilule they immediately relate the web hosting services with”poor quality”. This is not always true. Today, treat web hosting can be cheap and of great quality at the same time.

Nonetheless, with a rapidly growing market, there are other companies that are just after customers’ bucks, without going out of their way to satisfy clients.

It is true that all websites should have a reliable web host, but do you have to dig very deep into your pocket for it? The answer is no!

Some low cost web hosts can match that VPS hosting deal you might be considering.

Furthermore, you do not need a dedicated hosting to make your brilliant web business idea a reality. You can make use of a shared webhosting as your site continues to grow.

Understanding Today’s Budget for Web Hosting

As a client, you need to understand why a web hosting should be categorized as cheap.

According to today’s standards, a price tag of below $5 per month, which comes with sufficient features, is considered cheap.

These adequate features should be in line with the current market standards. Standards are not always constant. They fluctuate from time to time. For instance, a couple of years ago, a hosting deal worth $5 a month only came with 5GB storage, 10 GB bandwidth, and about 6 add on domains. Now, almost everything is unlimited.

Most times, good things do not come cheap. If you opt to go cheap you are likely to encounter some setbacks. Similarly, cheap web hosting services often face some problems. This does not mean that you have to sit back and suffer. Conversely, you have to hunt again and again.

Here are ways of finding a cheap, but great, web hosting service, by dealing with the problems that are mostly associated with them:

Deal with the Long Subscription Periods

In exchange for the cheap prices, some hosts will request clients to subscribe for a lengthy period of time. Such web hosts are mostly open to customers who can pay several years up front.

A contract that is more than two years should be avoided, unless you are allowed to ask for a refund or cancel during the period of subscription.

Deal with the Hidden Cancellation Fees

Do not sign up with web hosts who charge cancellation fees that are not reasonable. Go through the host’s TOS page and look for keywords such as refund and cancellation. You will then understand how the cancellation process is carried out.

Cancellation policies that seem fishy should be avoided, even if they are cheap.

Deal with the Unnecessary Software Charges

After signing up, ensure the hosting company never signed you up on any web service or software trial. Handle every email you receive from the hosting company with care. Be smart and avoid clicking anything blindly.

Deal with the Rushed Servers

Before signing up on any low cost web host, go through some hosting reviews and track the server up time.

Companies who receive complains on slow network speeds and server outages are probably using rushed servers. Avoid them.

Deal with the Limited Allowable Inodes

Although not stressed much currently, do not go with 50,000 inodes for every account. Before signing up, go through the host’s TOS page and look for keywords such as number of files and inodes. Make your decision after acquiring correct information.

Other problems you can deal with, so that you can find flawless low cost web hosting services, include: black-holed IPs, poor technical support, expensive renewal fees, and limited MySQL databases.

Once you deal with these issues, you will remain with a great cheap web hosting service.

Contrary to what some people think, low cost web hosting is not just for crappy websites. In fact, a huge percentage of sites and individual blogs started out with a shared web host, and they worked out just fine. An expensive webhosting service does not necessarily make your site better.

Besides, a dedicated or VPS hosting can also experience a couple of problems. Do not just misunderstand a low cost hosting service based on the negative you come across in some review sites and forums. Do a thorough research, filter out the bad parts, and pick a good low cost web hosting service.

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