Flir One Brings Night Vision to the Masses Via Smartphone

Flir One Brings Night Vision to the Masses Via SmartphoneNight vision technology is not something that you typically see in common, thumb everyday situations. It’s associated more with the military or secret government operatives in action movies. But there could be other real world applications for night vision as well. What if you’re walking through a dark area at night with little to no immediate lighting? Sure, you could use a flashlight, but that doesn’t really give you a clear enough idea of your surroundings. Night vision would be useful here for pure safety reasons, but even if you could get it, some individuals may not want to walk around with high-tech goggles.

Well, now night vision technology is coming to the mainstream. Flir Systems, a leading manufacturer of night vision, has now developed the Flir One, an attachment for your smartphone that essentially turns the camera into an infrared view. Using thermal imaging just like any standard night vision goggles, you can now get a clear picture of any dark space you might encounter. It’s basically a plastic sheath with an infrared camera lens in the middle that clips on to the back of your phone. Additionally, it comes with an app that lets you take photos, videos and time-lapse shots as well as registering the temperatures throughout your shot.

Because it uses the traditional thermal imaging technique that night vision relies on, it’s also practical for use in situations where it may not be dark, but you need to monitor certain temperature changes. As The Mirror states, “The camera can help you identify areas in your home that are particularly cold and drafty or damp. Plus it can help you spot overloaded electrical connections.” You may not automatically think of this kind of application, but it makes the Flir One particularly useful for homeowners. Who wants to get down on their hands and knees with a flashlight and feel around for problem areas in your home when you can get a clear image of what you’re dealing with right away?

For more recreational purposes, the Flir One would also come in handy for animal watchers, many of which endeavour to see creatures that only make stealth appearances at night. Whereas they may have to settle for mostly fleeting glimpses of owls or foxes without the use of night vision, now enthusiasts can watch in detail from afar without disturbing the peace of the animal in question. This application might be better suited for traditional night vision binoculars or scopes, but the point is that the Flir One has a wide-range of uses.

All in all, night vision is simply an extremely neat thing to have access to and as the Flir One makes this technology more accessible, it’s easy to see it gaining popularity in the next few years.

Source: The Mirror

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