5 Things You Need to Know About UX

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ed sans-serif;”>A person’s attention span can usually be sustained for no more than ten minutes, cialis and unconscious decisions are mostly made within this period. This phenomenon has something to do with UX, and UX agency professionals share these five things to help you know more about it.

1. UX Stands for User Experience

Based On Emotions. UX, or User Experience, refers to a person’s feelings regarding any computer system he comes across with. That system may be a desktop software, web application, or website.

Scientific Origin. A scientific researcher who dealt with the workings of the mind was the one who coined the term “user experience.” He believed that user preferences should be the basis in the creation of designs.

2. UX Benefits Both Startups and Established Businesses

Launching Pad. Although startup businesses may not have enough resources yet to finance a UX designing project, investing in one will help them get the launching of their initial service or product off to a good start.

Feel At Home. Understandably, established businesses will have more complex systems – their websites are multi-dimensional, their web applications fully-interactive, or their e-commerce programs extremely dynamic. Making use of UX helps users avoid feeling overwhelmed or intimidated to use their systems.

3. UX Should Not Be Confused With Usability

Distinctly Different. Nowadays, the terms “user experience” and “usability” are taken to mean the same thing, but they are absolutely different from one another. The former has something to do with how an individual feels about the system he is using, while the latter refers to the ease with which the person is able to use the system.

Latter is Just a Part of the Former. Usability has an important role in making user experience possible, but it has to play alongside other essential UX components such as information architecture, science, user-centric design principles, and even psychology.

4. UX Offers a Number of Advantages to Customers

Simplifies Things. As websites are becoming more complex in design and abundant in features, UX helps to simplify matters in order to make them effective in their purpose.

Aware of Special Needs. Aside from allowing users to access sites through different types of devices, browsers and web connections, UX also makes these sites accessible to users who depend on screen reading, use non-traditional input devices or older mobile models, as well as those who have no broadband connections.

5. UX Recognizes that Each Customer and System Is Unique

One Size Does Not Fit All. Because each person is different from the other, UX can only be made to promote a certain behavior for a specific situation, and not to predict the actual situation itself.

Tailor Made. UX allows each system to be designed based on its owner’s business objectives, but these systems cannot have the same attributes.

The greatest benefit that UX is able to offer is the power it gives to an owner of the designed system to encourage their users to stick around. Look for a digital agency that has a track record with UX now to help you provide the best user experience to your valued existing and potential customers.

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