Why Companies Hesitate to Use Employee Monitoring Software


Despite on-the-ground statistics that as of today three fourths of all American companies are already implementing employee monitoring software, the remaining quarter of business owners from the U.S. are still thinking twice about using it.

Employee Monitoring Software: Urgently Needed

Never before in history was there an urgent need for companies to use reliable computer monitoring software. However, as technology advances, businesses rely more and more on computers and the internet. The risk of getting infected by a computer virus or getting penetrated by a hacker grows bigger day by day. A monitoring software (keylogger) helps protect your company’s computer system from these dangers as you can program which websites are allowed to be accessed.

Aside from that, because office workers are now required to connect online for them to complete their daily tasks, there is a huge tendency they can get sidetracked by popular social media, sports, or news websites during work hours. When this happens, employee productivity is negatively affected and the overall performance of the company deteriorates.

Why Hesitate?

Despite of these growing concerns, many companies still do not want to implement monitoring software in their offices. There are two main reasons behind this hesitation. The first one is they are not sure if monitoring an employee’s usage of company computers and website visits is actually legal or not. It is just a simple case of lack of knowledge. The other reason, and the one that is more common, is they do not want to spoil the current harmony inside their offices. They hold on to the old adage that says why fix it if it is not broken?

Employee Monitoring is Legal

For the record, employee monitoring using modern computer programs (keyloggers) is legal. There are no federal laws prohibiting this sort of implementation in companies or businesses, whatever their size. In fact, by law, a business owner is not obliged to inform employees that they are being monitored. Companies can implement it even without the awareness of workers. It is a legal right of business enterprises in the U.S. to monitor how their employees use their computer equipment for their own purposes. A remote keylogger is able to help the businesses grow.

This means if certain employees do not want their privacy to be compromised, they have to do all their personal online transactions at home (such as banking transactions, social media updates, and personal emails) using their own computers. Otherwise, they can bring a laptop or tablet at work if it is allowed by company policy. Although, there are monitoring applications right now that allow for these kinds of personal transactions to remain private.

If you are an employee and you want to know whether there is an employee monitoring software installed in your workplace, you have the right to ask the management about it as well. This is essential so you would know what you can and cannot do while inside the premises of your office. This is also good to appease you of any privacy concerns you may have.

Employee Monitoring is Accepted

As for the second reason, the risk of disrupting harmony inside the office is really a misconception. The workers of today are actually more open-minded when it comes to office monitoring and they have a pretty clear understanding of the need to implement this kind of security for the business.

According to a recent survey organized by Spytector, a leading software manufacturing company, 73 percent of employees who responded said it is perfectly acceptable to them that their employers monitor their computer use and website visits. Also, 55 percent said they will right away stop using company devices for personal transactions once a formal policy is implemented.

These findings prove that installing employee monitoring software is no longer something that needs to be debated or argued about. The misunderstood downsides are petty as compared to the risks your company may face by not being protected.

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