Who is CSI

Who is CSI

Started in late, ambulance 1998, Critical Systems, Inc., meets 2 very important needs: The reconditioning of equipment used to facilitate tools that produce advanced technologies and the technical support needed by organizations and companies with their design, installation, set up, operation and maintenance as it relates to their specific application.

CSI was born out of necessity in the late 1990’s. The cost associated with the construction of a Semiconductor facility began to skyrocket; meanwhile budgets for new construction for most companies were shrinking. This lead to the perfect storm and ultimately the birth of the Secondary Equipment Market. This Market has grown rapidly the past decade and accounts today for annual sales of over 6 billion dollars globally.

CSI is unique in that it offers both “repurposed equipment and NEW build equipment to meet very specific applications.” Our Applications Engineering work, in conjunction with the top A&E’s / Process Engineering firms, give our customers the confidence and satisfaction that their process will be designed to not only meet and exceed Code but that their system will be efficient and maintainable. A process system that delivers chemistry and ultimately cleans that chemistry up on the backend or abates that chemistry involves experience and intellectual property to be accomplished effectively. Mistakes are simply NOT an option as the gases and chemicals used to produce 21st century device technologies are toxic, flammable, and highly corrosive. This makes leaks, clogs, over-pressure situations and device failure hazardous to your process itself and the lives of those who operate these systems. CSI is unmatched for expertise, knowhow and intellectual offerings as to the function and maintenance of these systems. Nowhere else can our customers find a team of experts that enjoy working out the details like that of the team at CSI.

In the early days of Semiconductor, many of the processes and practices used today were learned through trial and error. Failures that occurred were expensive – and often times catastrophic. For this reason, Critical Systems, Inc. has launched the Idea Collaboration Center. The ICC will be a combination of short take videos, blog posts, and Q&A forums, placed in a searchable format on our website, to discuss ideas and best practices that have been used and are currently under development to promote safe and effective ways to run technology based processes.

Collaborative Efforts at CSI:

CSI has begun by offering ideas and techniques that are directly related to our area of expertise, Gas Delivery and Abatement Technologies. These are centered around Installation Techniques, Equipment, Gas Cabinets and Welding Best Practices and General Knowledge that can be useful for any process related to Semiconductor, Solar PV, Nanotechnology, MEMS Device, LED, Flat Panels Display, Bio-Pharm or any other technology based process.

We would like to invite our customers, research groups, and constituents to participate by asking questions, commenting on blog posts, following us on Social Media, and submitting short take videos of your own.

CSI believes that sharing our ideas and best practices, simple though they may be is worthwhile. Losing the knowledge and the Journeymen efforts of our industry predecessors would be foolish. We look forward to making this an open format for discussion and innovation.

Should you have comments or questions about Critical Systems, Inc., please do no hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

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