How the courier industry is adopting new technology?

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Technology is omnipresent. That much is evident in everyone’s lives. While technology makes all our lives easier, convenient, simple, quick and entertaining, the ambit of technology is much larger than its impact in personal lives. Technology has changed industries, for the better. And the courier industry is not any different. There is obviously a difference in how a courier company would use technology and how a marketing firm would indulge in the same, but the differences are consequential and determine the scope of success for a business.

Let us talk about how the courier industry is adopting new technology.

  • Radio frequency identification and barcodes have been used for decades now. The little magnetic strips that consumer goods used to sport about three or four decades back are still relevant. The only difference is that these codes could have been read by the manufacturers and large dealers or wholesalers. Only they had the equipments to read barcodes and RFID tags. These barcodes and tags had been adopted by the courier industry a long time back. But in recent times, the readers and other equipment have become more prevalent. A guy delivering a parcel to Germany would have portable readers that are connected to the central database which not only accounts for accurate delivery but also an update that the package has been delivered, dispatched or is in transit.
  • The courier industry is using games for virtual simulation. Large courier companies have customized games for each country and even cities. There are dispatch centers, packaging units and all kinds of infrastructure built within the game so trainees can get accustomed with the real world challenges. From charting delivery routes to safe handling, games are offering a wonderful training ground for the courier industry.
  • Then there are the apps. Mobile apps have simplified order processing. Hiring a courier, sending a parcel to Germany, paying for it, tracking that consignment, being notified when it is delivered and even leaving feedback or reviewing the services; everything can be done through a simple app that is light, doesn’t take up much space on a smart phone and can work efficiently with no lag and in real time sync. From verification of customer details to scheduling a convenient time and place for delivery, from coordination among the staff at a courier company to live interaction with clients, mobile apps have influenced the modus operandi of the courier industry.
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