Tempered Glass For The IPhone, Is It Worth It?

Tempered Glass For The IPhone

IPhone are a so much more than the phones of old. An IPhone is your phone, physician calendar, case menu, advice schedule, secretary, lifeline and entertainment. Your IPhone is probably the one item you would feel lost without. It is also a big investment. Technology never stands still. It evolves and grows and as you become accustom to it, you wonder how you ever survived without it. So protecting your IPhone is of the highest importance.

We are ten times more likely to break our IPhone than to lose them, or to have them stolen. Most of the time, when we damage our phone, it is the screen that is destroyed. We spend a lot of money for phone cases to protect the IPhone from breakage, and sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Further, some of the higher quality IPhone cases are so large and bulky; it ruins the appearance of the IPhone and makes them hard to slip into a handbag or pocket. The other option is just using a plastic or a film screen protector. The film protectors are cheap and are only used to reduce minor scratches and fingerprints. Because they are cheap, you can replace them often. That is the issue. They do little to protect your IPhone and you have to replace them OFTEN. The plastic phone protectors do protect the phone most of the time. But, the plastic gets scratched and it is difficult to see the phone screen. They also are hard to install. We could spend up to $200.00 having the IPhone screen replaced in the event of a shattered screen, so we had to use something.

There is now another option. There is the tempered glass protection for the IPhone. Tempered glass comes in various thicknesses, ranging generally form 0.3 to 0.5 mm. Plastic is 0.1 mm thickness. Tempered glass is chemically treated safety glass that is stronger than any other glass (or plastic). It simply protects better.

Plastic (or film) is cheaper. It is cheaper because it is a lesser product and does not protect as well. Tempered glass for the IPhone does cost more than plastic, but it is very affordable. Considering the price of your IPhone, and the cost of its loss, and factor in the need to replace the plastic or film protectors much more often, it is a very reasonable option ranging from $10.00 to about $40.00.

The tempered glass protectors are very easy to install. It takes minutes. You are provided with the items needed. You clean your phone with the alcohol wipe, then wipe it with the micro-square to remove any unseen dust, remove the film and place the glass on the IPhone. It should adhere by itself. If not tap the center and you will see it adhere like magic. Then use the plastic piece provided to smooth over the glass and make sure there are no air bubbles. There almost never are! Remove the film on the top of the glass and you are done. It is that simple.

You need to make sure you get the right protector for your IPhone. If it “almost” fits, it doesn’t fit when it comes to an IPhone cover. You can order tempered glass IPhone protection from hundreds of places online. Please check out the site if you are unfamiliar with them. Check their reviews. You can also buy them from the mega sites like Amazon, EBay and large stores like Best Buy. Of course all the large cell companies offer these as well. A.T. & T., Verizon, Samsung and all the others offer the tempered glass cover.

With the tempered glass, your IPhone feels like it was meant to feel. You can feel the difference when you have covered in plastic.

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