About iPV4 Box Mod, Its Specs and Its Price

urlFor those who are very familiar with vaping world should love the news of the newest released by Pioneer4you. It is iPV4 box mod, drug and yes, prescription just like what is expected from the updated version, mind this one caters its lovers something different (in a good term) which they never get before in the previous model. Speaking of such new feature that is given by this brand new box mod by Pioneer4you, for its updated version, here are such features that attach this vaping device such as its consumers will get something like temperature control, furthermore, it also can avoid such thing like dry hits when using the vaping device.

Beside the addition of temperature control, another good features that complement the updated version of iPV4 100w box mod are magnetic door and full magnetic door, magnificent dual batteries (18650), adjustable wattage (5W to 100W), YIHI SX330 v4S as chip, auto ohm for resistance meter, USB port that which allows you to update and many more. From some new features that you get from this vaping device like full magnetic door for instance, guess what? With the addition of this feature, it will ease its user to switch the battery when it is needed since there is nothing like screws that attach to it.

Not only appears with stunning features, this updated version of vaping device by Pioneer4you also comes with stylish design. Addition, for those who already purchase this vaping device, they flatter so much about how the design of iPV4 makes it is easier to hold. Anyway, after discovering its features, the next thing is about the accessories that are associated with this vaping device, speaking of it, USB cable for updating the vaping device, batteries that you should buy in different package, and iPV4 mod. Then how much it costs to have this iPV4 100w? If you purchase it through Vaporize Chief, the cost will be $79.96 (no shipping charge).

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