5 Tips to Resolve PC Slowdown Issues

PC slowdown is a common problem which people face almost on a daily basis. Your computer can face such an issue because of a number of reasons. You may be running too many programs in your system or it may run slow just because it is quite old. Here are some tips which you can follow in order to speed of your PC:-

Turn off all startup programs

As you keep installing new programs in your computer, they can introduce a number of programs which can start running once you start your computer. This can cause a slowdown in the system start up speed and also adversely affect its operating speed.In case you are using a Windows OS, then what you can done by pressing on start and typing the word ”miscong”. Once you view this,uncheck boxes of all programs you don’t require each time you start your system. Avoid using those problems which you don’t have any idea about about.

Delete unnecessary files

Usually, a PC is filled with hundreds of unnecessary files. As programs run, they often create a number of log and temporary files. All the deleted items fill the recycle bin and when not emptied, accumulate causing the system to slow down. There are numerous programs on the internet which can help you remove all these unwanted programs.

Perform scans to look for malware, adware and spyware

Malware can enter your PC either while you are using the internet or when you transfer files from other computers. They can often cause your system to crash. You can scan for them and remove them when detected. Go for reliable,anti-virus software such as Avast and Laspersky in order to scan for malware and spyware.

Upgrade your system

Outdated software as well as hardware programs often cause the system to slowdown. Therefore, make it a point to update all installed applications once you find you system starts facing slow speed issues. You can do this easily by the buying the updated versions of hardware’s & Software’s . The two most useful upgrades to enahnce speed is upgrading your RAM and hard drive.

Uninstall programs

Each program existing in your system occupies a part of the RAM even if isn’t running. The greater the number of install dprograms, the slower will be the speed of your computer. Uninstalled the programs which are of no use anymore can b removed to enhance speed. You can do this by going to start, access the control panel and click on the ‘unistall a program’ menu, and selelct the program which you want to uninstall.

Your computer is your major medium of communication and entertainment. Slowdown issues in your system can bring your daily routine to a standstill. Therefore, you need to perform periodic checkup of the hardware as well as software of your system. Once you do that instances of system slowdowns will become a thing of the past and you will have a better experience of using your system.

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