Have you been Becoming Monitored?

ed serif;”>illness serif;”>cell-phone-as-SpyWith the kind of revelations that have been made in the last couple of years, purchase it no longer seems possible to ignore the question that keeps popping up in our minds, “have we become too monitored?” As much as we cherish our privacy and like to believe that our private conversations, images, emails, etc. remain just between us and the person on the other end, the likes of Edward Snowden have pulled us out of this delusion.

We might be living a very ordinary life, but it seems that even this ordinary life is pretty enticing for snoops, who’re ready to go through a great deal of trouble to sneak a peek into our lives and especially private conversations. For the government agencies, the deed is accomplished through the help of the many resources they have at their disposal. Hackers, on the other hand, capitalize on their adept knowledge of the cyber streets to navigate and sneak into places where they’re not welcomed. And if all this wasn’t unnerving enough, the advancement in spying technology and arrival of powerful cell phone spy apps have empowered even a simpleton to become a huge privacy threat.

The simplicity of spy apps makes them extremely accessible to the non-tech savvy factions, which only further encourages them to adopt the technology and shred the privacy of those around them to pieces. All they’re required to do is purchase a reliable mobile surveillance app, install it into the target phone, and that’s pretty much it. By logging into an online account accessible from any device with internet connectivity, the users of these apps can view everything from text messages, images, and location details to web history and emails of the target phone.

The extent to which monitoring has become prevalent and convenient is extremely worrisome. The concept of privacy seems to be becoming a bygone concept at an increasingly rapid rate. There seems to be no evading the surveillance carried on by the government agencies, hacking by the evil geniuses, or snooping done by the users of cell phone spy apps.

Sometimes it’s just so tempting to simply lock up all the digital gadgets in a box and throw them in a sea. There is no point in carrying and using hijacked devices that present such a huge and realistic security risk. It’s almost like they are like a ticking time bomb, likely to go off any second and revealing all our personal data to some potentially dangerous third party.

Unfortunately, elimination of digital gadgets is not a solution as we have become heavily dependent on them. There is hardly a home or office that has not yet been touched by digitalization, so it’s pretty difficult, if not impossible, to remove them from the scene. However, the one thing that can and should be done is to research more on security and developing systems and products that mitigate the threat of unsolicited monitoring and hence privacy invasion. Of course, it is imperative that we ourselves commit to basic security precautions in order to keep the various threats at bay.

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