Cyber Protection: Who's Successful?

cialis serif;”>Digital age has brought some awesome new inventions that have made our lives a whole lot easier. However, decease all of these new additions came with one of the biggest problems we face today – cybercrimes. The rate of cybercrimes has been on the rise with no end in sight. These cybercrimes range from manipulation to hacking to cyberbullying. Kids are the biggest targets of these cybercrimes because nowadays parents are handing out mobile phones to their children at a fairly early age. Interacting with young kids allow internet bullies to have their way easily. However, this issue can be countered to a large extent by using Android and iPhone parental controls. This does not mean that cybercrimes are limited to kids though, as adults are as much vulnerable to this threat as the kids. Lack of knowledge of the internet, websites, spam, etc. can prove to be costly for everyone. Some measures to counter these cybercrimes are mentioned below.


Cyberbullying is a huge issue especially for the kids who are new to the internet. Bullies lurk on the internet and try to find complacent kids who would fall into their trap. Children are not aware of these scenarios at such a young age which is why they become victim of bullies without too much trouble. There is a simple solution for this problem – parents should install Android or iPhone parental controls on their children’s smartphones and monitor each activity being performed by them. First thing parents should do is search the places where most of the bullying happens and block those sites. Even after blocking the sites, if parents still find that someone’s trying to target their kid, then they should deal with the bully in timely and safe manner.


The job of hackers has become whole lot easier since the arrival of smartphones. Now they are able to sneak malware into any mobile phone through apps. People download apps from third-party stores without researching them, and this enables hackers to sneak in viruses on to their phones. This virus then gets activated and gives control of users’ phone to the hackers. Spam is another big issue, people click on the links given in the spam emails without giving it a second thought. This installs third-party software on to their computer/mobile, hence giving control of their device to the hacker. All this can be avoided easily if users do a little research about each app they are downloading. Furthermore, it’s important that they realize that nothing good is going to come out spam links, so avoiding them is the best solution.


Internet has become a hunting ground for some people with malicious intent. These people are always looking to get their hands on someone complacent and manipulate them into doing something that won’t do them any good. Most of these people get their hands on some personal information of an individual, and then manipulate them into doing some unlawful act. Most of the people are afraid of getting their data leaked so they do what is being asked without putting much of a resistance. However, this doesn’t end here as the person in possession of personal information goes further and further until the targeted individual is completely broken. Some of these manipulation incidents have ended in suicide of targeted person. If someone tries to manipulate you then the best course of action is to go to the police straight away, otherwise the torture will never end. In this day and age where cybercrimes are spreading like wildfire, only those who give importance to their cyber protection are successful.

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